I was hoping to be the first


             Hello all

                        I  was hoping to be the first to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, but Maggie beat me to it, am I upset, no of course not, as those of you who know me also know that I am not a huge fan of this time of the year,I know its just naieve wishfull thinking by old fed but what would really make  me happy is me and you all of you are cured of PD, Parky, BLACKHEART, now that would be something,, "  THAT REALLY WOULD BE SOMETHING, THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING. TO SLEEP IN THE POURING RAIN MAMA,   SLEEP IN THE POURNG RAIN,  Those words wer sung by which ex BEATLE,,,OR all hatered religous or otherwise was eradicated and every one would live in peace and harmony, imagine " NO POSESSIONS I WONDER IF YOU CAN, NO GREED OR HUNGER , A BROTHERHOOD OF MAN , IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING LIFE IN PEACE"  you will all know the ex Beatle who sang this beautiful song,Yes I know its impossible we have exceeded our right to exist on our world, we are so stupid, .You will know the saying when you are in a hole stop digging,,or as my dear departed Gran would say, NEVER KILL A SPIDER ON A FRIDER(FRIDAY),I never found out why, or" IF THE AXE IS BLUNT ITS A HAMMER BUT NOT IF YOU STAMMER,,"yes I know but Gran ended her days in a Palace for the bewidered, free tv, free food, free everything really so she wasnt totally bonkers,,she would spontaneously sing her most best of songs, and knew it word perfect "LETS ALL GET UP AND DANCE TO A SONG THAT WAS A HIT BEFORE YOUR MOTHER WAS BORN,,you will know the band and the lead singer, so it only leaves me to wish everone I was going to try and make a list from  memory but It would be unfair on  any of you fantastic people whos name was ommited, so, EVERY DAY I LEAN ON A LAMPOST IM WASTING MY TIME, EVERY NIGHT I LAY ON MY PILLOW IM RESTING MY MIND EVERY MORNING BRINGS A NEW DAY ,,which ex BEATLE sang this sad song, just a little  quiz for you all intermingled with my words,


                                                Your frien FED



           My appologies for misspelling your name Meggie ,there is a small stream near our home ,its called  Meggies Burn,  (Ill get me coat).

                            Best wishes Meg I hope the approaching  second     1/2 decade  bring you every wish granted.

                                                         Merry Christmas             FED


nglaughlaughbroken heartcheekycheekycheekycoolyesenlightened

kisskisscheeky.  Believe it or not all these Avatars have a meaning and a signifcant meaning, at that ,   least of my worries you may say, but read on and all will be explained, well yje fisrs or even,, the first two as happty and happy and contented its me and my brother little did we know what  was instore.,, it started on the day before christmas eve , we were invited to a  party up  the street, now OLD  FED does not like parties, I dont like meetig people or loud meaningless crap music turned up so loud my brain was leaking  out of my eays ears and ,,,wait for it wait for it,  ,,,no it wasnt my a??e,, thats very rude and if the word ar?e was the word then you should be ashamed I would never use the word arse under any circumstances, anyway my peredictions were correct, but its what my little wolverine ,, female wolverine wanted,so after making herself look so intoxicatingly sexy,she was even wearing the extremely alluring underwear I bought her for her birthday,now this simple act started a chain reaction, which i will complete in part two of FEDS BRUSH WITH MR BIG coming soon, as this  page is trying to go walkies.

                                             END OF ONE PART            FED


              Well two can play that game so I had a very close shave, you know the one guys,, AAAHHGUENESSED or if you are not a ENGLISH speaker, against the grain, very smooth, I have A MACH 3 razor and it will give exellent results every time, I decided to use Western  Theme to my attire and as I have more  than  a passing resemblance to JOSIE WALES,( unshaven ) and ( DIRTY HARRY) shaven or I did resemble those iconic EASTWOOD characters 25YRS AGO , now I can often here whispered, wswswwsper wswswwssper GRAND and  NO NO HE'S DEAD, or doesnt FED look like SKELATAR a 6ft10 vicious killer ANDROID, so we bought 4 bottles of the finest plonk and off we went, and its at this  time about 10 YARDS from our neighbours that I knew why beloved was dressed to exterminate, never mind kill, and no she wasn't as a DALEK  parked in the parking bay, (JUST INCASE YOU well dont make the connection) was a dark grey, well almost Black , BENTLEY CONTINENTAL,GT,less than two months old and a car that makes me go weak at the knees, now dont get me wrong here, if you were   to ask me was I jealous, YES  OF COURSE I WAS B??????Y JEALOUS and did I hate the B?????D who owned this eyewateringly gorgeous virtually hand built car with a genuine hand built W12 MASSIVELY poweful powerplant of 6LITRES, 0  to 60, 4seconds and chipped to produce 675bhp, YES YES I HATE THE BL????y MAN WITH EVERY FIBRE, sorry sorry my friends, lost it slightly, will go  to part three  now before I lose this thread 









              I will make this short as its a bit unpleasant, my wife was seen by this predator and he walked past my Brother and I totally ignoring us and unbelievably kissed her now my reactions are jaded by pd but my brothers are  not and like a cobra strike he launched his verbal broadside, which would have turned physical if I had not intervened, to my great surprise, thiis normally arrogant man was  very subdued , he appologised and left,and as things settled down, another of my wifes ex workmates came for a chat, and told us that BENTLEY MAN had his wife leave him six months ago, his best friend of all people was the guy she left him for,he has prostate  cancer and he lost a huge amount of money in the Banking collapse, so the QUESTION IS, DO I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM??????????  DO I Fucrying out loud,  he was a greedy selfish arrogant pig who  climbed to power on the shattered lives of those he had sacked, two of which commited suicide ,a finer example of one of thatchers most loyal ( there is no  such thing as community) GREED IS GOOD   , followers, I feel no pain for that man.

                                         VAST  WEALTH  MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT

                                                  MAY THE NEW YEAR BTING  YOU ALL GOOD THINGS