I won’t be posting any more

I will not be posting/ starting any new topics on the forum anymore or even replying to any posts/topics
It’s obvious I have offended someone ( you know who you are).
Plus it’s obvious that I don’t fit in with some people.
So I will just pop on and read the topics if allowed.
If you want to know why read my topic A Joke For You.
Over and out.

Hi @Bub1,

Oh no! That’s terrible news and I’m truly sad to hear this. I’m going to send you a private message to speak to you further about this, however, I hope you will reconsider your decision.

Best wishes,

Hi.Bubs…I do not post on here very often, I do read the topics though every day…I am sorry to see that you are not going to post anymore?
I have no idea why but I would like to say please do not leave as we all need to be here to support each other…We may not agree with other people at times, but at the end of the day, we are all on here because ourselves our partners or family members have this horrible PD…and this site so the only place where we can ALL relate to everything related to PD…because we are the only ones who really know what it like!!!
Sending you my best wishes and please reconsider…x

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It seems that I offended someone with my joke about Arthritis which I did not intend to do
And for that persons information I have rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi @Bub1. Please don’t stop posting - I for one have found your posts very informative and helpful.

Forums are funny things and there’s nearly always a few prickly characters but it’s better just to ignore them rather than let them stop you posting.

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Don’t cut yourself off mate, worst thing you can do.

Hi Bub1 - don’t stop posting because of my response to your ‘joke’, and please don’t respond by slagging me off on a different ‘post’ by saying things, then someone saying there are always a ‘few prickly characters on forums’, I am in no way one of those ‘prickly characters’, it’s how some folk react to a comment innocently made in return to their post. I have been posting on this forum for at least eight years without any problems at all.


Hi @sheffy. I apologise for my comments above which were out of order. I meant the comments as more to be about forums in general rather than aimed at you but I can see that it definitely came across the wrong way.

Come on all there’s too much going on in the world at moment to be at this point. This forum needs knowledge and experience and that there’s new member’s needing vital information us old pduk posties can give so draw a line in sand let’s move on.We all have different views and that’s how we help people

Apologies accepted, I didn’t want to cause any ill feeling in the first place it was so unintensionable. As Gus says we are all in the same boat ie., having PD , and we can do without anything else adding to the tensions we already have. We are on her to help each other in our journey through life with PD.

sheffy :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe we should think about how we word things before we write them ?

Maybe we should also think about how we react to them

Now your just trying to take all the fun!