I would Like to bring People together

Hello Everyone,

I would like to Bring People together for Tea and Biscuits  big grinhere in Widnes for an Hour or Two,

Just so People with Parkinson's can get out and have a chat to other People with this,

A lot of People don't get the chance to get out so the offer is here, lets do it , come on down as they say

lets get you out Tea and Biscuits are waiting ,If you would like to come down for a chat and just get out of the house Please let me know so I can book St Basil's Church here in Hough Green Widnes thanks,

Best Wishes and the Blessings of the Holy Spirit to you all,

Clive Baines, Senior Altar Server and Eucharistic Minister,Parish of St Wilfrid, Widnes.


big grin


Hello Rosie , what a lovely idea, If only I lived closer to Widnes, Eve

Hiya Clive,

Just wondered if you managed to set up your meeting for Parkinson"s at St Basil"s?

Many thanks