I would like to pose a question

Which symptom associated​ with PD do you find most difficult to deal with , and what actions​ have you undertaken to remedy this situation ? For myself I suffer​ from​ extreme​ insomnia but have found that using  Paul McKenna  and his U tube Sleep hypnotic videos​ has helped..     Prior to diagnosis I was  close to being incontinent​ but the meds sorted that .   Over to you.,.....


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Hi Dick
The worse thing for me is loss of indolence. This supersedes everything.


Mine is muscle stiffness in general but specifically in my neck. It makes me feel like my head is to heavy for my body and I hate it.

Meds still not working 5 months since diagnosis, exercise does help but the stiffness soon returns shortly after.

Indolence was the computers choice of word. Should read independence. = Linda

For me it’s the feeling that everything is slipping away and out of my control. Have to work hard at not getting too anxious for no apparent reason. Tremor, stiffness and fatigue are annoying but this anxious feeling, leaves me feeling that I am not coping, when to the outside world it appears as if I am very much in control. Daffy

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hi Dick mine is insomnia equal with my balance tho, i think i,ve sotted insomnia

For me it’s the muscle stiffness and fatigue. The fatigue I manage by pacing myself instead of rushing to do everything when feeling “on”.