I would like to work

This is my first post on this forum.I am 57 and received a diagnosis a year ago ( well Parkinsonism I think they called it but I have responded to treatment with Sinimet and my DAT scan was abnormal ) . I am very fortunate judging by some of the posts I have read on here and I am managing my symptoms quite well but have not worked at all this year other than looking after my beautiful grandchildren and a little voluntary work . we are lucky that my wife works and we manage on her earnings and our savings but the latter will not last forever ! I have been self employed for the past 20 years and latterly was working doing some light building work (mainly carpentry) .
I feel trapped in that I can no longer get insurance to do this type of work ( either employed or self employed ) as soon as I mention PD . I can understand this and recognise that this is probably sensible since my co ordination could prove lethal using a bench saw etc! I also have a restricted 3 year licence which means I can no longer drive a van . The final insult seems to be that I don't qualify for any state help ( I have never had a penny in benefits in 40 years of work ) because latterly I was self employed ; my wife works and we have some savings ! I also got a letter this week saying I would also have to wait another year for any state pension.
As I say I recognise I am luckier than some and I try to stay positive but would welcome any ideas etc . which could help with this situation .

Work for yourself without insurance, have you ever made a claim? Trust yourself, I don't drive if I feel I might get drowsy, I stop working if I feel impaired, I do things at my slow pace. I can't compete with some people, but my years of experience count for something. Insurance is an oft repeated excuse not to do something, it is good to have it, but not compulsory.

Hello Raysalaugh and welcome to the forum,

I appreciate how frustrating it must be for you to struggle to continue in work for paperwork related reasons. Have you tried the Parkinson's UK helpline? There is a specialist adviser on the help team who focuses on employment issues.

It is worth checking with the DVLA on the driving issue. I know that the default 3 year 'medical' driving licence excludes minibuses (and perhaps other things too) but I have heard that it is possible to get the minibus category added subject to doctors review. I know someone who did that - perhaps it applies to vans too.

Elegant Fowl

Thank you very much for the info and I will follow up with the employment expert you suggest . Hopefully he might be able to let me know where I stand work/benefit wise but I am not holding my breath having read some of the stories on this forum . My heart goes out to those who don't ( like me at least for a year or two )have any savings or a working partner ; their stress must be intolerable being treated as some sort of skiver looking for a hand out. Best wishes