Ian duncan smith says Parkinsons is 'recoverable/'

Apparently IDS can cure Parkinsons and MS according to friday's Guardian in an exercise for  PD people to make it harder to claim benefits. I have PD and am organising a demo in Chingford in his constituency on Friday November 14th - more details from me if you want to come.


IDS says lot's of thing's

I'm one of 120 thousand people still waiting for him too live up too his claim he could live on £54 quid a week.

Sorry i cant go too a demo, i'm too ill  "i've got Parkinsons''.



Full article if anyone can face reading it.


Shame i live so far away  but tell you what we could book a coach and go down to the house of commons and see Ian Duncan  more crap comes out of my mouth than my  arse Smith and stand in line and wait our turn for him to cure us

What a moron he is

I've read the aticle and just thought that I would contact him via his parliamentary contact details, as I often do with our local MP, to tell him as it is  for someone, my OH, who has been diagnosed for 16 years.

Guess what, you can only contact him regarding issues that arise if you live in his constituency, otherwise it is via your own MP.I have bothered our local MP many times and they have taken my concerns to the highest level and reported back.

I think this is a matter that should be taken up by PUK. Could Admin. advise that this has been passed on to the press office for an immediate response by IDS?

DPAC  and other groups are supporting the demo - so should PUK. IDS is holding a JOBS FAIR in his constituency of Chingford - Chingford Assembly Hall 10am. Friday Nov. 14th. its about time PD people got organised politically and gave it full whack to IDS.

According to his website,  " if  your query is about benefits or pensions or Iain’s role as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, please write directly to the Department for Work and Pensions at:

The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP

Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions, 

Caxton House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9DA


Or email: [email protected]"

Whether he takes any notice is another matter,  but I'll give it a try.

Hi benji

Sorry for the delay. We'll send this along to our Media and Campaigns teams to get their thoughts. 



Hi benji,

Thanks for your post. Sorry there isn't a way for you to share your views directly with Iain Duncan-Smith. It must be incredibly frustrating. One way you could raise awareness and get your voice heard would be to share your story with the media. If this is something you'd be interested in, please let me know and I'd be happy to talk through how it all works. My email is [email protected].

We are continuing to work hard to highlight the devastating impact of the Government's changes by meeting with Ministers, asking questions in Parliament and getting media coverage. We will keep the pressure until the Government sorts out this shambolic system.

Best wishes,





I only came across the article yesterday. I was so incensed I have written to Mr Duncan Smith. I emailed a copy to BBC Radio Wales as I was on the Jason Mohammad Show during Parkinson's Awareness Week. I have been invited to go on the show again tomorrow.

I went on the radio today to voice my concerns. Mr Iain Duncan Smith declined an ivitation from the the radio station to attend. The local paper is now taken up my story and want to interview me. Since returning home today I have read that the government have rejected advice about ESA.. Quite frankly I am disgusted! They have no empathy or understanding of what people with degenerative conditions have to go through daily. I am not giving up on this!


I'm disgusted as well, i'm not surprised it was a no show by i.d.s that's his style, too busy thinking of way's too punish the disabled no doubt, i pasted today's link too both my local torys pages, i doubt they'll reply. but then they are likley not too be M.p's next year.

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Me as well...lets hope this ignorant %#\!!! Takes notice

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Duly signed!  Wish I knew what he knew!!