IBS and medication absorbtion

Hi, My husband has had parkinsons for several years. His symptoms have been very well controlled from the start, with beneleldopa. Lately however his continuing bowel issues have resulted in a spate of severe diarrhoea lasting almost a week and we have now noticed that his tremor has returned. Where in the digestive system does co-beneldopa get absorbed? Is it possible that his digestive problems have meant that his dopamine levels have dropped? is there another form of tablet that gets straight into the blood without going through the intestines?

I heard on the Movers and Shakers podcast that sinemet and madopar are absorbed in the jejunum. What and where that is, is a question for another, but it does imply that a regular digestive transit is necessary. Can your GP or Parkinsons Practitioners help with another form of meds?


Firstly I love your name, I have no doubt there are a lot of us who feel the same way. :joy:

I have tried to find some info on the topic however it seems to be contradictory.
The best site seems to be:

Co-Beneldopa : Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage / Pillintrip

I hope that helps a bit.