Ideal Car Model/Motability



My dad has just retired, he's had Parkinson's for a few years, his tremble is steadily worse but he is still able to drive and be independent. He can walk 1-2km with plenty of rest stops as he has had both hips replaced and spondylosis as well.

So, now he's getting rid of his taxi, he's looking for an automatic car that's easy to get in/out of.

My best suggestion so far is a Ford B-Max as the position is quite high and with no central pillar and the sliding door, it's easy to swivel in/out of the seat.

What other models would you recommend?


He is on full Disability Allowance and was thinking of getting a Motability car through dad but I think it's better to buy the car outright if we can afford it and have the disability money as he only has a state pension.

What is your experience of motability?

It seems to provide convenience but not be the most financially efficient, is that true?


Thanks in advance for all your help.


I think I would rather have a Car that i have funded and own myself rather than a Motorbiity car which we can read further down in a other post Taken away by Points in a further  PiP assessment, I have enhanced daily living and mobility awarded for 3 yrs but there is no assurance of continuity of that being the case with another assessment at 3yrs or before 3yrs if they choose to do so, yes or no its still not my car and a loss financially.

Hi Armoured_Bear,

I have just had a new car delivered this afternoon! It's a Hyundai i10 automatic with sunroof. Absolutely love it! Although it's a small car, it feels big inside, (I'm 5'11") and plenty of leg and head room. It isn't as high off the ground as the car you mentioned, but I have no problem getting in and out. I'm 67, so no spring chicken! Just a thought....


I have just bought a second-hand KIA Venga automatic and am very pleased with it  from the point of view of getting in and out and the driving position as well as value for money .  Also it has a flat loading luggage compartment which is useful if a wheelchair comes into the picture  I was forced to have a new car because of a sandwich type incident which wrote off my Ford Fusion which I hated.  I was like a tank, temperamental reverse gear but the drivers position was pretty good. 

How on Earth did your Father manage to claim the full DLA when he can walk 1-2 km? Good luck in your quest for a car but I doubt if its advisable to let the whole World know about his circumstances. The DWP often read these threads and other social media web sites for just this sort of information!

Tbh it's probably more like 1km and will take him an hour with the aid of a stick and that's on a good day, on a bad day, much less.

As I don't live beside him, I tend to see the very best of his health when I visit and it can give me a false impression of the reality.

My point was that he can still walk a bit, he's not entirely wheelchair bound, it'll come at some point but not yet.

Thanks very much for the car info, much appreciated.