If I Lose My Job, Due To PD - Quite What Do I Do?

Hi. i was diagnosed with PD in June. Due directly to this and other issues also (anxiety, depression and an abnormal back problem), I have been signed off on SSP since July. I was informed that after the first 5 months (now) my SSP goes down to 50% for, I think a further 6 months then stops entirely. However, it is likely that my work will not quite have the patience with my sick notes, over and over. I am quite sure that they will talk about performance and capability. I have worked for them for many years.Sometimes full time, now part time. I have not always earned enough to pay NI contributions, so ESA is not a possibility. I have a PIP claim put in and have had the face to face “assessment” (reading here on this forum, I don’t hold out much confidence in success). That is a watch this space.
…So let us assume, I am suddenly unemployed, but with a bunch of diagnosis letters from doctors and such. II am YOPD by the way …late forties. What is my status ie disabled, partially able, (allegedly) able ?? What are the names of benefits I can further aspire to ? As you may be able to grasp, I have absolutely no idea ? I can see it all becoming very confusing and depressing for me and obviously, further life-changing atop of PD. I have always worked. Not familiar with claiming benefits etc. Any simple advice would be much appreciated…

Wow what a lot so first advice if you want it…breath and breath and now relax. Ok now go to www.parkinsons.org.uk lots of info on your working rights etc and also check opening times and call the Parkinson’s UK helpline.

Good luck and I know it is easy to say but I was there once and the advice I wish I had at the time was… and now breath and breath and now relax. Lots to take in but always remember you are not alone we are a friendly bunch and Parkinson UK help me so much in the early part of my journey and still do. :sunglasses:


Hey Dee70, I noticed you said you have an abnormal back problem, I have had back problems for last 3 months, may I ask what back problems you have?

Hi. I am sorry to hear you have back problems also. Whilst tests were going on, to ultimately be able to diagnose me with PD, it was found I have a prolapsed disc in my lower back. This causes me discomfort and mid level pain. Also, put simply my back doesn’t feel as strong as it should. How about yourself ?

Hiya, I thought mine is sciatica but now not sure. Am paying to see an oestopath but now have finally got nhs appointment to see Physio. Lower back pain excruciating at times, down my left leg too. Did you have to have an mri for your back? P.S. I too no longer work!!

I’m sorry to hear that. Yes, I did have amongst other tests / scans, a spinal MRI. It was so comfy, in the scanner, I almost fell asleep. I already see a physio for my PD and have been referred on to a spinal specialist, next month. I see the GP regularly (every 6wks or so). I keep him up to speed on all of my symptoms. If I had the pains you describe, I’d be off to see the GP pretty sharpish. The last 14 months really have proven to me, it was worth going to see the Doctor initially. I hope you get a back diagnosis soon…

Thanks for that. Hope you doing ok.