Illegible handwriting keyboard skills & Dragon Dictation

Since getting Parkinson’s, I have become very slow at using a keyboard and my handwriting has become so bad that I can’t read even brief notes. This disruption in my written communication is for me a major problem. I have tried Windows voice dictation, but this requires endless very slow editing work.
I was assessed by the Oxford University Hospitals Specialist Disability Service Electronic Assistive Technology Team who have recommended I use Nuance Dragon16 Dictation. There are a wide variety of prices for this on the internet ranging from £101 to £999(gosh!) with the Nuance software company offering it for £680.
I’d consider paying this if I could get it VAT free but Nuance say they can only supply VAT free to a charity. Has anybody recently started using Dragon and has anyone any suggestions about the best way to buy it??

Have a look at this

Voice recognition software is mentioned.

Hia geoff
If you are working as part of a reasonable adjustment you could ask your employer/occupational health check out Access to work, ( Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is - GOV.UK) they may be able to fund a contribution towards adjustments to help. I used Dragon Nuance , it takes a while to get your head around the commands, and training the dictionary that holds your words, particulalry spellings. Once I got the hang of using it, it helped that was until the server got changed and I lost my dictionary. Good Luck :smile:

It may be worth considering some of the standard voiced typing application that come as standard with some products today. I am using the voice in typing application that comes with Chromebook to type this. This is not 100% accurate that is true, but I have found as my dictation gets better the accuracy improves. I am posting this exactly as it’s type so you can see for yourself.

This paragraph is written using speech notes. You basically voice typing to a box and then copy and paste it into your document. Again I’m posting this exactly as it typed and as you can see the accuracy is not too bad Again my accuracy improved as my dictation got better.

This is me just typing now. It may be worth looking at some of these to make life easier while you sort out Dragon and you may find if you tweak your speaking style - I find speaking clearly, in whole sentences as much as possible so think what you are going to say then say it and finding the right speed all helped with accuracy.

Best tip mute the sound on the tv - it can voice type whatever is being said with 100% accuracy it is quite extraordinary lol

I use a Mac. Two built in (free) versions of dictation facility, and both work really well, although I only use the basic one. Also the Microsoft office products have Dictation built-in and I find works very well. I am dictating this now for example using a Mac. Also iPhone has good dictation facilities built-in

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