Illusions / hallucinations and lighting

Hi - My mother has Parkinson's and she experiences illusions/hallucinations. We are in the process of talking with her PD nurse etc.
We have noticed that there seems to be a relationship with when she has illusions/hallucinations and lighting levels.

I've been looking into daylight bulbs as they seem to provide a better level of lighting. Just curious to know if anyone else has had any luck with changing lightbulbs in terms of improving illusions/hallucinations.

Thank you :)
Hi Yellowcar
I cannot say that I have heard of any lighting connection with pd symptoms but anything is worth a try. It will be interesting to hear from other forum members as to what their experiences are.
Hi Yellow Car!

My dad also experiences hallucinations and we have found that when he starts seeing things we turn on all the lights in the room to make it as bright around him as possible which seems to really ease the problem.

We've also found that he only hallucinates when he is low so we also try to rub his arms & legs & help him to stand up to try and get him to switch back on!

I'd be interested to hear what your pd nurse thinks.

Good luck