I'm 1 year old today

It’s my birthday today; not my birth birthday, I have two birthdays now, like the Queen. It is 1 year since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. What a year its been; I’ve moved house twice, given up driving, started a blog, appeared in the Times newspaper, acquired a walking stick, had a go in a mobility scooter…

I’ve also tried hard to set my thoughts and emotions in order; a diagnosis picks you up and shakes you until you are all jumbled up. It takes patience to fit the pieces together again. Some pieces don’t fit anymore so you have to grieve and learn to live with the gaps. This has been the challenge of the first year living with the awareness of my Parkinson’s and will continue to be in the years ahead.

dr jonny


Happy Birthday, Dr Jonny!

(I love reading your philosophies.)

Happy birthday. I think we should all celebrate how we have coped and what we have achieved.
It is 2 and a half years since my dx and thinks have settled down. Accepting what cannot be changed helps.

of the five post dx years i have experienced, the first was the worst.

After 2 1/2 years since diagnosis I still struggle to come to terms with PD . I m on Madopar 100 mg x 3 daily which helps with walking, balance and freezing but stiffness and soreness haven t improved. Moaning Minnie!

BW. Samdog

hi samdog
you are on 3x100 madopar per day
this is an initial dose
yet you have freezing - which is a fairly advanced symptom.
did you get a late dx?
its confusing as your symptoms are advanced but you meds are at starting level.

I had very occasional freezing before starting Madopar. Was diagnosed 2 years after fatigue and anxiety symptoms and 1 year after stiffness in my back and balance problems. Don t think that s late diagnosis?

Bw Samdog

Happy Birthday Dr. Jonny. Love Blue Angel x

Hi Dr Jonny
happy Birthay , its great to read what a positive approach you have to it and that you are getting on with it , it has to help im sure , have a good day

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Year 2 starts.....................now!!!

dr jonny

Dr Jonny
Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday, let me be the first to wish you a very happy unbirthday. Most people get 364 unbirthdays in a year (obvious exception in leap years....) Together with the Queen you get only 363 so you have to make them count that *little* bit more.
Enjoy this one and keep your interesting posts coming