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Never done this before!!


The emptiness of the space below is a bit daunting but here goes!

I was diagnosed in March 2013, the only good thing the neuro consultant said was to point my wife & I to this site!

My wife spoke to the person on the helpline & found it a great help. I joined Parkinson UK and found the Bristol Branch. (We live in a suburb of Bristol)

I really believe that now is a good time to have PD!! This sounds daft I know but it's true! The Bristol group is very active, our social life has changed big time, and the scale & buzz of this sit is instructive & impressive.

We (me & SWMBO!) have just completed a six week "Path through Parkinson's" programme & we both found it very very helpful. I was really happy to be with a number of people who all had, or cared for someone who had PD, the relief of not having to start by explaining what PD is etc etc before you start was huge!!

Anyway we were helped by two moderators one local male and a lady from Derby who were really good. The atmosphere was respectful & broadly positive. (I say "broadly" because I don't want to give the impression that we were like a group of kids at Sunday School!)


Will add more later.




Thats great to hear yeh your right you have got the best support group ive heard off im only 42 had pd for 8 yrs live in dorset.Heard bristol has young support group, not heard of anywhere else that is close to me.And you have frenchay hospital best nero consultants & pd nurses in the world.HAD MY DEEP BRAIN SURGERY DONE THERE.They have some real good research there.Try google it. frenchay hospital have a look.nice to meet you by the way.lol


By the way nor do i type well!


Hi and welcome. Your typing looks great! I don't type well these days (never was a touch typist) and it gets worse at nights. Left hand is the problem. I use Word documents to type in as it overcorrects a lot, I correct the rest, then copy and paste, esp at night.

Very positive stuff you're posting! Yes, PD can broaden your social life if you live in the right area.

Please don't be a stranger. Come back soon!


Good morning Chrissyray,  your typing looks fine to me, I do all my typing with two fingers and it just so happens I am also a bit of a slow reader, so you can type as slow as you like my friend I dont mind also a very warm wellcome to our Forum I hope you gain as much benefit from all the great people who live here.



I JUST SPENT A GOOD 30 minutes  typing more rambling and the entire post seems to have vanished! why?where?

I had gone on about a Hobby-Horse of mine relating to how the VAST majority of people are decent, supportive folk, I quoted the Irish (I think) expression about Strangers being people who you've not talked to yet!!


I shall ignore the self editing ability of my computer and continue!!

It just did it again but I paused at the virgin media page & here it is back!!

 As I was saying!!

This leads on to our growing social life; SWMBO & I have been several times to an Irish Set Dancing group which was started by an Irish Lady who is a member of the Parkinson's Group who had read of the benefits to be gained by PD sufferers from Irish Set Dancing, forget Michael Flatley this is more like country dancing which I last tried at Primary School! Not sure I like it but as She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) seems to really like it..................................................

Further proof of my Hobby-Horse (see above) the Irish & English members of the set dancing club cheerfully give up their time and are such pleasant people it would be churlish of me not to continue, plus the tea & cakes/biscuits are great!!



yum yum


hiya all,its lovley to be back among old and new members agin.ive had a long break from the forum due to ill health,i now find i need the forum and friends to keep me goin,we all need to try stick togeathersmile


put my first parkinsons imformation packs out today,in my local hospital and gp surgery went well!


I have had Parkinson's for some time and have only recently found a Parkinson's drop in centre in the (same town) I live in.

Heart Disease, Cancer,Etc they have heard of,  But Parkinson's,out hear they call it the Cinderella Disease Whilst in hospital my medication was always late they even woke me up at 0100 (am) to give me it. I complained but nothing was done, until I got my Parkinson's nurse involved.They now give the Parkinson's patients alarms

In the drop in centre the people i met. The carer's The men and women with Parkinson's and those who ran the centre were great. I met and spoke to people who had suffered the same side affects that I have and had I felt good.

I joined up immediately

More has to be done to make people aware of this illness, this also includes those with Parkinson's and there carer's


I cant remember but went on site,this forum somewhere and got a free on time washbag for when i go in hospital.


Hi Ali, good to have you back. Hope you're feeling betterbig grin