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After the success of my drooling question , thanks everyone. I have a new one..

Dad suffers from terrible leg pain on an evening, his muscles seem to tense up causing him extreme pain.

The Drs have never responded to this pain except for telling him to take paracetamol. I appreciate dad is limited to what he can take due to the complexity of his medication.

Does anyone else suffer this and how can I reduce his pain?

Thanks Helen
Not sure if this will help, but I found it useful when I had pain from a disc problem in my back. Hot water bottle on the floor, bare foot, press heel into bottle, heat seems to go along bones and spread through leg and reduce pain and cramp. It needs to be as hot as you can bear it, without making skin sore.
Hi Helenjo2

How distressing to be suffering these pains for so much of the day especially with no prospect of relief. Lack of sleep exacerbates the symptoms of PD so it should be tackled.

Are your dad's muscle cramping or is it a nerve/toothache kind of pain, or both!!
I can't help with the distonia (cramp like)pains and I can't imagine paracetemol would touch them . I started getting aching and nerve pains in my legs in the early hours of the morning very soon after diagnosis. "Your not supposed to get pain at this stage" was the initial reply. However, the best thing my doctor has prescribed for this and also definite sciatica pain is Gabapentin at a very low dose - one has done the trick for me but I can take up to 3 a night. Co-codamol is quite effective but can be addictive and makes me sleepy and constipated even after just one pill. I have also tried Amytriptylene an anti=depressant which is somewhat out of favour for treating depression but at low doses is used for a number of problems - the snag being that unless you anticipate your need for it and take it about teatime, it makes you very sleepy.

I'm sure others will come up with sugestions for the distonia if that's what it is

I must say your medics (Neurologist?) are not helpful to say the least. But I always say that my neurologist and my parkinsons nurse took the news of my diagnosis very well (!!!)
Thank you Eileen Patricia,

Dads pain is like an extreme aching of the calf muscles. I have spoken to loads of drs about it but they seem to think its a minor problem, but in our world it's far from minor! It happens every evening and causes dad a lot of distress.
I think the drs are afraid to give dad anything else as many medications make his hallucinations worse and he's gets very disturbed.
He's on the anti depressant amytriptylene and although he's sleeping better his pain is still there.
We see the Parkinson's 'specialist' once every 6 months but I have little faith. I don't think he knows anything about the condition and just says that the way it is... The nurses are great tho, they know more than the dr.

I will speak to the nurses about your advice and see what they think.

It's heart breaking watching someone you love go through it.

Thanks Mosie, I seem to have posted this thread twice!

We have tried heat treatment but the pain is severe and It hasn't worked, the added problem is lack of dads mobility. If I lie him on his front ill struggle to get him back up.

Thanks very much for the advice tho, I'll try anything!


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As I mentioned in a earlier post Dystonia could play a part in the excruciating
pain It sounds much like the pain I get occasionally the Neurological consultant at your Hospital will keep you right.
Kindest Regards :grin: Fedex