I'm looking to buy trekking/nordic walking poles to help with walking issues. Is there anything I should look out for in particular?

There seem to be so many types of poles, some marketed towards older people but I can’t really see whats different about them. Have people found trekking poles to be useful? There are even walking sticks that shine laser lines and stuff that I could buy, but I’m not really sure about their effectiveness. Would love to hear other’s experiences before pulling the trigger. Cheers

Hello ck26
You are right there are a lot of different sticks out there and it depends on what you want to use it for.
Nordic walking poles have an angled foot and cuffs that are worn on the hands and the poles clip onto these. They are adjusted for your height and it is different to measuring for a standard stick. That is because nordic walking uses a very particular technique, different to walking per se. It is an excellent form of exercise as you use your arms as well as your legs. I regularly include nordic walking in my routine and love it. There are videos on YouTube that talk about buying nordic walking poles and this may be helpful too Choosing a Nordic Walking Pole

I personally would not use a trekking or hiking pole if I had mobility issues. They are usually thin but more importantly have a very narrow base of support and is potentially not giving the more stable support you need. You can use them of course if you wish but you need to be aware of the risk to stability.

Sticks with lasers and similar are usually used as a cueing device, a technique that can help get you moving again if you are prone to your feet suddenly ‘freezing’ ie you are suddenly unable to move your feet.

A straightforward adjustable walking stick is fine if you are just wanting a bit of support. There are loads of guides available on the internet about how to choose and adjust it to ensure the height is correct for you. There are various handles and and feet. If you are really confused it is best to call in to a specialist shop that sells equipment for people with disabilities where you can try a few and discuss your requirements with someone who should know about the different types available,

This is very general but I hope it helps a bit.