Im new today im a home carer

hello all

my name is Julie i'm a home care  assistant, i have joined this site after a member of Parkinson uk visited our work this week

i work with many people on a daily basis with many different problems one of which is Parkinson, im here for anything that can help me help with people i work with, any hints or tips that will make things easier for them.

i worked out some things for myself working with people with parkinsons, one of which is if you can take there mind off of something you can reduce there tremor and sometime stop it even just by holding there hand and making them squeeze it. i also know as a care worker we have to be patient. I really would be grateful for any information that would help me help them

Hi, Julie!  Welcome to the forum!

You sound like a wonderful caregiver, both conscientious and compassionate.  You probably already know far more than I, so I hesitate to offer advice.  But I have had PD now for 16 years and am a member of this forum and one in the US.  One principle I have heard repeatedly is that those of us with Parkinsons would rather do what we can for ourselves and get assistance only when we ask for it.  Somehow, we feel diminished or insulted when someone just assumes that we will need help.  

You will get much more valuable information from others on this forum, I'm sure.  It has been illuminating for me, I know.

Best wishes  --    J



Hi Julie


I too think what J of   Grey Cottage thinks. I have had PD for approx three years and am on meds, I can do some things for myself because I don't want to be defeated, and as J said I will ask for help when I can't do something.


Hope this helps. I think it takes a special person to be a home carer!