Im proud of my role at NTGH


             I am off to Rake Lane, or North Tyneside General Hospital, to take part in the  important student Exams, it can be a bit tiring and also boring as I often have to sit around for a while as there are many  and varied events designed to teach the brilliant fantastic youngsters about parky, I hope I last out this time as last year I went into freeze mode and had to retire hurt,, and  disappointed as I made  a great effort to  get there only to fail before I had completed my tasks. The enthusiasm shown by these young potential Neurologists is  rewarding to see and the young ladies are very attentive and sympathetic , showing great concern for this old man 63, so wish me luck, i WILL UPDATE YOU  UPON MY RETURN. 

                       I referred to the young ladies ,I can assure you being surrounded by lovely very beautiful pretty  drop dead gorgeous stunning world class females does not influence me with regard to taking part in these exams ,just thought you should know that, just in case you thought I had ulterior motives, which I assure you  I dont,,,  well perhaps,,,just,,,no  no none at all, but some of these ladies are incredibly lovely, but  that I do not notice that at all ,,,,no I dont  REALLY  I DONT, NO I am absolutely professional in my work so I hope I have  dispelled any thoughts or rumours that may circulate the Forum as a direct result of my actions today, now where is my most powerful aftershave ,, Aramis ,it stuns the fairer sex at 30 paces, but that is not the reason I will be utilising that fantastic fragrance??big grincoolgot to be cool today.

                                      I can assure you all I behave in a manner of the most refined country  GENTLEMAN

                                 ITS A TOUGH JOB BUT SOMEONES GOT TO DO IT

                                                    FEDXXXY    Sorry sorry ignore that  ,fedexxxy  sorry sorry



You are a hero, Fed !!!  Ahahaha. You made me laugh, as you can be really funny at times! Do let us know how you got on.


Aramis young Fed......mmmmmmmm that brings back a few very pleasant memories!!! anyway we won't go into that. I am sure the nurses won't be distracted by the lovely aroma.....much!big grinI hope it all goes better for you this time around and well done matey. Looking forward to hearing all your news. Take care ...........and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep rockin'

luv Dollyrazz

Hello redpoppy and Dollybig grin

                           Well the day went well, but from 12.30 until 6.00 its been a while since I have worked as long as that all in one lump, four students had to ask relevant questions  about  parky and I  answered them, then each student checked my walking ( not good )and writing(worse) followed by a physical examination, they then had to inform the Doctor of their conclusions, it was fascinating ,each student had 15mins , three were young Ladies and one young man,only the male student showed any nervousness, but they all did brilliantly,I tried to put them at ease with a teenzy weenzy miniscule show of humour , but It was obviously frowned upon , it had to be straight to the point and a very serious atmosphere prevailed ,its hard for me to be serious for more than a minute so having to restrain myself for over 5hrs, ,,well it was not easy, but it went well and I was presented with three envelopes one had a ten pound voucher, one had a ten pound plastic credit card, and the other one had a thankyou card, which was nicecooland they supplied a taxi  both ways.

 Just thought I might add, my  Mother took delivery of a brand new Suzuki Alto today, she is 95  in August, the Kia Pecanto she part exchanged had under 3000mls on the clock, at 4yrs old, she changes her car every 4years almost to the minute and has done for years,good eh.big grin

                                  Kindest Regards Ladies and  sleep well            Fed

Dear Fed,

Thank you for the extensive account of how your day went yesterday. You must have felt very tired after such a long session, but I expect you were very satisfied with the outcome, as you played a very important role. Well done, Fed !!

Now your amazing mother !! I can't believe she is still driving at 95 and even getting a new car. She must be an indomitable old lady ! However, I expect she is distraught by the fact that you have contracted Parkinson's, whilst she is obviously still in good health.

I wonder where people like you and I have gone wrong, Fed. How did we ever end up with this disease? My mother lived until 98 and my father was 92 when he died. They were both in good health until the end. None of my siblings, all older than me, have got Parkinson's.

I used to think it was because I never smoked, drank alcohol or coffee, but obviously that is not the reason. I wish they would discover its causes, which would make discovering a cure easier.

However, in you, Fed, we have a fine example of someone who takes it all in his stride and approaches all the problems with a great sense of humour. You are a real inspiration, Fed. Thank you.


HiYA YOUNG what a day you had...very well done matey you should be proud of yourself. I can understand how hard it must have been to not have a giggle if only to relieve the tension a bit. My Son is a Pharmacy technician in a local hospital and has just passed more exams at Guys in London. They bring in actors and he and others have to access these "patients" with only 10 mins with each and 2 mins between each....with 8 in all. The actors are given a scenario but of course the Pharmacy techs have to have studied eveything as they have no idea what situation they are going to be faced with. I think it is fascinating and a great way for the students to learn, so very well done to you Fed. I am sure you put them at their ease as it is pretty scary for them with the examiners watching. Your dear Mum sounds quite a gal big grin95 and still driving, she must be very sprightly, and you must be very proud of her. She sounds a bit of a rocker just like her "Boy" bet she rode a Harley in her younger days?coolcan imagine she will be buzzing around in a Lotus at Silverstone for her 100th !!!!! fantastic. 

All the best to her and to you Fed and again well donerazz

 Dolly x


Good morning Red Poppy and Dolly

     I dont know if its a case of my reputation preceding me but I had a phone call yesterday from the General Hospital in Newcastle asking if I would like to take part in a long term assessment of people with PD who are unsteady on their feet and are prone to falls, which I am only this morning I stumbled in the kitchen and just missed the kettle which had just boiled, I know there must be many accidents involving PD patients in similar situations and  I would certainly like to take part in the study but its three days a  week and its all day, then I have my commitment to NTGH  assisting in the exams and working with the newest interns teaching them about  the difficulties we encounter every day dealing with  this terrible affliction ,plus the General is a early start  so having thought about it I think it would be too much for me to take on it could even worsen the  effects of parky as when I become tired the remnants of my true personality vanish and I tend to become argumentative and awkward, I hate myself when that happens and feel so guilty the very second I have said or done something that puts the cat among the pigeons, or rocks the boat, or throws a spanner in the works or to  simplify things, bu//??s it up, the group running the new study have implied some of the work can be done in my home which would be acceptable, but not all, as It involves being  wired up and many other tests,so regrettably I am going to pass on this one.  I have become noticeably weaker of late, I used take great pride in washing the car and attempted to do just that yesterday after 5mins I was exhausted and abandoned the task after 15, at the point of collapse ,everything I do now leaves me at least breathless and at worst about to join the ranks of the departed, its so frustrating and frightening when I have attempted to do something simple and fail, does anyone else  suffer this total lack of strength . You will have noticed this post is not very upbeat, but while I have been typing these words it dawned on me , I wont do all the car at once I will do the bonnet and front wings, then rest for 15mins then the roof , and one side then the rear end and one side taking  rests and not using the flat out method I used when I was  fit, so I am off now, I know this post would win ( A VERY BORING POST) at the Royal most boring posts ever posted exibition set in the grounds of Buc  Palce, and would probably earn me a Degree in Boring from Oxford Uni or Cambridge so if you have fallen asleep while reading this, well thats good enjoy

                                          Kindest Regards  Fedcool




Hello Fed

No I didn t fall asleep ,stayed awake throughout your post! Just wanted to say I know exactly your feeling of exhaustion after only a few minutes of effort. It takes me ages to hoover half a    

room so I now break everything down into manageable chunks and give myself plenty of rest time whenever possible, I am now more of a manic list writer than before and get great satisfaction in ticking things off!

Will have to go and lie down now.....

Bw. Samdog

Hi, Fed,

I am sorry to hear about your falls and your extreme tiredness. Unfortunately the latter seems to be a feature of this disease, as I find it already affects me too ( I was diagnosed only last October).

I think you have made a wise decision not to agree to take part in that study you mentioned above, as it might be too much. I couldn't do it! I wouldn't have the strength.

Those wretched falls are a nuisance. I read somewhere that they are developing special shoes, which would rebalance your centre of gravity when they sense  you are about to fall. Apparently they were hoping to market them in two years' time. Let's hope so !!

Meanwhile, for bad cases of patients who fall over frequently, there is also a type of frame called " U Step 2" which can be ordered from That is if someone can afford it, as it is a bit expensive. But apparently it really stops you from falling over, as it basically encircles you.

Well, dear Fed, keep your spirits up and , as you say, pace yourself when doing any tasks.

Do take care


Good evening young Fed coolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what did you say about boring us off to sleep!! haha!!eek

I think you are an inspiration i have told you before. I am sorry that you are feeling C*** at the moment but knowing you it won't be long before you are back to the Fab Fed that we know and come on Dolly don't get tooooooooooooooooo carried away'

Thinking of you and yes it is a great idea to wash the car in stages....rather like painting by numbers!  keeeeeeeeeeeeeep steady matey and keep smiling as you do so well big grincool

Jolly Dolly signing out x


Hello Samdog ,RedPoppy , andDolly

             Here I am 1.30 AM and It suddenly dawned on me, you never see anyone in Coronation Street, sitting watching Coronation Street,odd that, also thinking back there have been more deaths either by murder or accident or poor health than any other part of the UK , not including Midsommer Norton,where over 7000 people have been murdered by murderers, and 567 poor folk have never been found,strange that, so strange they even made a documentary about the place, makes you wonder why anyone wants to live there.

      Just thought I would mention it, and on a more serious tone, thank you  for your encouragement, you are correct in your method of breaking down tasks into 5 or 10 mins I dont know why I have not worked that out for myself before now I can be so thick at times, the trouble is I forget I am disabled and now must ease off the throttle and take things slower instead of head down ears back flat out ,Mrs Fed was not very sympathetic,  Dont come into the house with those wet shoes on (she has just had the carpet cleaned) "  Ive just had the carpet  cleaned," and this when I felt I only had seconds left to live. strange that.

                                    Well Im off to fight the demons, may I wish you all a restful sleep

                                                               Fed  Strangebig grin


                Today I will start from herearrowHello,I returned to NTGH  today   the role I have taken on is a very important as it  may influence one or more of these very intelligent  young people to enter the Neurological field of medicine  and who knows may come to a hospital near you, I find it very rewarding and It makes me feel I am worth while boosting my self esteem, and the information I give them is more likely to stick rather than reading from text books so I really enjoy the three or four hours spent  telling them like it is, unfortunately one of the members of staff who has often given so much of her valuable time to help me when I was very low is changing employ, so this lady will be sadly missed by  me and the Parkinsons  team I wont mention names but if you read this post  Leweeeeeze?  I thank you for your dedicated work at the Jubilee wing and I wish you well in your new job,

                                                 Kindest Regards  Fedcool