I'm still not sure!

Which parts of my illness are due to the illness.
Which parts of the problems I suffer are side effects of the drugs I am taking.
What is simply part of the aging process.

I tend to just get on with things, but could I be making my life easier?

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I had the same problem and the neurologist was not very helpful at all, other than to express surprise at how many Stalevo I was taking. (I was taking 6 or 7 a day, I.e. every 2 hours) I had a good chat with the PD nurse and she suggested that some of my symptoms were caused by the side effects and told me to try taking them 3 hourly, which seems to be helping. I also take a small dose of prameprexole in a morning. I don’t take them immediately,but wait until 9.30 to start. I have asked to change my consultant, as he was useless and made me feel worse. It’s trial and error with the meds. Well worth chatting to the nurse!