Immune System

Been to quacks today, yet another bombshell!!! I have had a recurring cough/sickness/tiredness since May last year, worst bout started before Christmas still got it. My Dr has been talking to a Neurologist and an Immunist and found out that your immune system is affect by Parkinsons. If you catch anything it takes longer to get rid of. It attacks your nervous system. Can't take much more. I have osteoarthritis of neck and lumbar/ stenosis of lumbar/ migraines/ parkinsons/ carpel tunnel syndrome now (the old wives tail of coal causing it Drs disagree with now). I have been on so much medication lately I rattle. Already take 4 tablets first thing in morning now another 6 - Steroids. Good job I am not bad at taking tablets, my mother in law has to swallow them with a biscuit or bread. To top it all my husband is awaiting 2 hip replacements, he can hardly walk, between the 2 of us we could open our own pharmacy.

Anyone else heard about the immune system?

I read a very interesting, though dense, article about how PD is possibly caused by the immune system.
'InflammatoryMechanisms of Neurodegeneration in
Toxin-BasedModels of Parkinson’s Disease'

Its suggests that very early contact with a toxin (eg paraquat) can 'set' the immune system so that a subsequent event (infection, extreme stress etc) can then trigger it off and the immune system goes into a vicious circle of deleting damaged cells and damaging others.

Doctors used to think the blood brain barrier stopped the brain's own immune system and the body's immune system from affecting each other but the BBB turns out to be a bit leaky in places.

Also, I read that everyone who has PD has skin problems related to immune system problems (eg psoriasis,ezcema).

Also also ibuprofen has been linked to PD protection possibly because it is an anti-imflamatory.

ps you probably know,but osteoarthritis, migraines and carpal-tunnel have all been suggested as being partially immune system problems.

You sound really down at another problem energing; and no wonder, you've a lot to cope with. I can appreciate you don't want to take more tablets but making sure you get enough vit A , C and zinc can help your immune system. I'm one of the crazy folk that take supplements and I am rarely troubled by colds etc and if I do pick up an infection it's gone very quickly. I haven't had a day off work for 5 years
Might be worth a try???
Best wishes

Hello Gloriana boy oh boy have you got lots of problems and I am sorry to read that.
The immune system causes problems for many a person me included and I do not have PD. Life sucks some times.
I have just had 2 hip replacements done. The first was in Jan the second 2 weeks ago so I can tell you that your husband when he has his done will be feeling so much better and that awful pain he has now will go. He will still have a little pain post op but that is to be expected after a major operation.

I wish you both well

Radz x

nothing crazy about taking supplements, though i would recommend taking magnesium with food when at home - it can have an extreme effect on the digestive system!
trouble is one day a supplement is the new cure all next week its poisonous (Ie vit e). probably best to ignore the press.