Immune system


Has anyone else experienced repeated cold and flu systems. I seem to be never without a cold of some description, always have to carry tissues.

When I get a cold, it turns to a chest infection and I am laid up for a week or more. I have never smoked (no bad habits!!)

My PDN has repeatedly told me that my diet is not good, however as I need to work full time (a job that brings me into contact with young people, who seem to have little idea of what 'spreading germs means' ) I find that when I get home I fall asleep and do not get a well balanced meal. I also work shifts.


Ideas on how to stay Healthy, without too much hard work,
Does Parkinson's affect immune system?
Any other suggestions.
Legal am I protected from dismissal, because I have a week off sick, nearly every 2 months.


Hello Butterfly,
The following thoughts came to me as I was reading your post on the 'Immune system'.
The first was that you did not give a clue as to what your diet comprises of. Bearing in mind that many 'experts' disagree on what a healthy diet is, it may be easier to see if you are eating lots of cakes, biscuits, crisps and the like.
What I will say, is that where your car is concerned you would not refuel it with rubbish fuel and expect the car to run efficiently, would you? So, how more important to eat good quality food that has been minimally processed for your body to function optimally.
If you want to discuss this further please give us an indication what your diet comprises of.
Kind regards
I think I can count on one hand the number of colds I've had in my life, and I can't recall ever having had flu. That situation hasn't changed at all since I've been Dx.

I might lie in bed for days unable to move because of PD, but never for flu!
My neurologist said the PD would lower my immune system. I've always had a brilliant immune system - my wife catches a cold and it knocks her out for a week, I just get a sniffle one afternoon and I'm over it the next day. Since being diagnosed with PD I'm slightly more likely to catch a cold, but I'm now down to the level of 'normal' people so I can live with it!