Immune system

I remember there was some Canadian researcher that 1 or 2 years ago came with a breakthrough. He invented something that protected the neurons from getting attacked. It was related to the immune system. The immune system could be changed in such a way that at the border of he neurons they could protect damage. I think he stopped parkinson's disease in rodents and he was about to start clinical trials. But I don't hear anything from him anymore. I also forgot his name and where he works. I only recall he used to work in some Canadian institute that studied diseases (or something like that). Anyone can give me more info about this ?

Puf, I finally found it. It costed me a lot of effort to find this:


I looked to see how the authors have followed this up. In 2012 they published that T cell subtypes are different in PD sufferers and vary with the severity of the disease (but not the duration). They provide evidence for their hypothesis that alpha sync when it finds its way out of the neuron is modified (by nitration)and then inappropriately stimulates the T cells in the immune system which in their turn attack the neuron.........

Presumably this gives them info to know how where to modify the T cell population by use of a vaccine to modulate the progression of PD.

Wouw, Bartobob, thank you very much for the paper. I still didn't read it in detail because of lack of time but it seems very interesting. Another thing ... if the alpha-synuclein causes this problem, than it might well be that the Affiris vaccin might have a big impact in disease progression. Interesting to see how everything is connected.