Improve walking

I recently posted a question on wether to up my Requip or start Levadopa. On seeing my consultant he said up the Requip - So up it I will try. He also said I need to think about altering my job, dam the realty of it all! 

He also suggested I have a botox injection in my calf to improve my walking. When I walk, i walk on my  toes on my right foot and thus my feet blommin' hurt - it doesnt look good either. My ankle / calf is very stiff and sometimes have problems with walking - Physio has given me a splint which helps, and tried FES wich doesn't.

Anyone got experience of botox? Particularly for this reason?

I dont have any experience of botox  but i do have more or less the same problem with my legs , my physio gave me a neurodyn  splint for my left leg as it is weak and have some kind of paralysis and  drop foot  and my right leg i have to wear a night time splint on   my foot goes rigid and wont do anything hence i walk with my leg bent which is causing me problems with my hips , botox has not been suggested to me but i am due to start a course of hydrotherapy