Impulse Control Disorder



Were blindness rather than ICD a side effect of Dopamine Agonists [DA] then I am pretty sure they would be withdrawn from the market.

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Society frowns on those of its  members who display compulsive behaviours and blames the member. Many with PD on DA have ICD but dont say.

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Big Pharmaceutical companies [like Oil ones] only mends  the damage caused when it has to through  government legislation and then only does the minimum.

The treatment is worse than the disease. 




It's to do with the fact that a lot of people's pension pots are invested in these companies. Allegedly. You can't get legal aid to take pharmaceuticals to court, and you've got rid of all your hard earned because of icd. There is a whole Q&A session on this site which explains why thoy have it all sewen up. 

I just found out that you can still get hauled up for not paying your poll tax, some 20 odd years after it was abolished.

The treatment is absolutely worse than the disease :disappointed_relieved:

legal aid did not support my father who suffered from ICD’s. He is now serving 8 years in prison