Impulsive and compulsive behaviours in Parkinson’s

Thank you so much Reah. I went to see consultant again and they immediately stopped the Madapor. I had one week with no meds and then am now taking PREGABALIN which seems to be working great right now. No anxiety what so ever. It seems that Madapor was not suitable for me. The side effects were horrendous, but, touch wood, feeling a million times better now. Just goes to show we are all different. Thanks again, xx

Hi @Jacky3, :wave:t4:

I’m so elated for you - I’m glad the change in your medication has made a difference to your health for the better.

Fingers crossed it remains this way indeed! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Best wishes,

Hi Reah,

Thank you, all going well for now. Fingers crossed too. Xx

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When I see my PD nurse this is one of the first question’s she will ask, so I was amazed when reading an article in one of the Sunday papers,His name is Tony and he has Parkinson’s he was diagnosed with PD in 2009 and is 80 years old he lost £240.000 you need to read all the article it will open your eyes, it seems that most of his money went on scammers, he did tell the bank of his cocerns and they did nothing, Did he have a PD nurse? if so and he told why was he not given help. Or did he not tell her and kept it to him self,