In constant pain

Can someone give me advice please? I was diagnosed two years years ago with PD. Lately I have been experiencing pain all over my body accompanied with terrible stiffness. I thought the medication was meant to ease the symptoms. What is going on? Could there be some other explanation or is this typical PD? It is starting to make me depressed because I am finding it difficult to do activities I always enjoyed doing like going to the gym or gardening. I just feel so uncomfortable all the time and have nothing to look forward to. I just feel so helpless!

Hello, I’m sorry to read your post. I am just a carer for a person with Parkinson’s. He has not experienced pain with it, stiffness sometimes especially in the mornings. He’s had it about 27 years now. He has pain because his back is damaged as well.

I don’t know if you’ve tried the Parkinson’s UK helpline?

Do you have Parkinson’s nurse you could speak to? They seem to know everything and are very helpful. Availability depends on where you live I suppose. We are in the north east.

Failing that, try your GP, you never know.

I can only say, it’s so important to keep active and engaged. It’s a horrible disease and you’re entitled to have pleasure. I’d be inclined to take normal painkillers and press on with the garden etc, while you’re trying to get sorted. Otherwise you’ll get stiff for other reasons and more miserable.

Sorry not to know"the answer" but good luck getting sorted.

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Hi Boomerang 83
I too am a carer of PD sufferer. My mum who has been diagnosed over 12 years has a lot of pain particularly when ‘off.’ I cannot add much to the advice already given. Warm wheat bags, massage and painkillers all help to some degree.
I have heard somewhere that pain can be an issue in PD. I think its still an area under research. Hopefully others on the forum with more knowledge than myself will respond.
Meanwhile, I hope you find something that eases things to keep you as active as possible. Much love Abi

Thanks abi for your thoughtful response. Much appreciated.