In effect of alcohol on Parkinsons drugs


I would be interested to know people’s experiences of drinking while taking Sinemet. I seem to be ok at the time of having a couple of glasses of wine but a while later don’t feel so good. I’m thinking of perhaps giving it up entirely.

I can drink a whole bottle of good claret in an evening. It is strange that when I wake in the middle of the night, as normal, I can walk better than usual. However, I am not at my best the following day. I take Stanek (generic Stalevo).

Hello from the midwest USA. I at the most, can have two glasses of wine at a outing. Never on an empty stomac and never within 1 hour of my sinemet dose. To be frank (don’t know if the term is used in the UK) A better word is to be honest my cognition speed has been tested and my speed of thought has slowed.
Knowing that alcohol has the same effect. Out of respect for my wife and not to draw attention to that symptom. I usually avoid spirits if something else is available.
Needless to say drinking to excess kills brain cells. And mine seem to be calling up St. Peter ahead of their time.
Good day to you.

Thanks for that and, yes, here in the UK we do say “to be frank”.

Hi @Margs,

Glad to see you’ve already received some comments to your question.Generally, unless your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse have advised you not to drink alcohol, a small amount, such as a glass of wine or a beer every now and again, should not cause any problems.

We have more information on this here -

Of course, if you have anymore questions on this, you can always give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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Hi Omahatom

I often have a glass of port at bedtime - it seems to help me sleep. (I am on sinemet plus , by the way.

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Hello Knine parkies has changed my life in so many ways. Hunting birds with my wife and family over my field dogs has been gone for a long time. Riding bikes, socializing without worrying about my physical short coming almost impossible and so on. We all wish things were the same as before PD.
I to liked to have a glass of ale or wine just before bed. But I have Rem Sleep Disorder. Klonopine,melatonin,and slow time release sinemet are my last meds. My doctor told she felt the alcohol might cause an increase in occurence of the syndrome.
I had vivid dreams so bad in the past that I now sleep in a recliner zipped up in a sleeping bag. My wife still works and I obey every order my doctor gives me.
I do not see anything wrong about someone drinking spirits that has PD.

My Problem IS That The Spirits inside are best kept inside of me. Lol

Have also pretty much ditched wine. Sometimes I’m fine but sometimes I get slushy and vague and it tends to make me just fall asleep. I’m embarrassed to admit I can cope with these symptoms ( most things in life are a trade off :-S) but it does nothing for my mood in the short or long term so it’s had to go.
Worryingly, I think not drinking is having as big an impact on my social life as the Parkinson’s itself! Nowadays, I’m slightly slow, slightly shaky, slightly slurry, slightly embarrassing and very sober. The slightly merry version was apparently more acceptable so the absence of wine appears to be quite a factor in the ever decreasing invites to all things social. :-/

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I used to enjoy a couple of pints of cider over a weekend and whilst I would be OK on the day of consumption, the following day I would be good for nothing with severe hangover-like symptoms. As a result I have given up alcohol completely. I am taking Sinemet, Ropinirole and Rotigitine.

Thank you all for your experiences. Think I will just try cutting down for now.

Alcohol is a part of my medication.
Without my couple of beers every evening and a large scotch I’d have nothing to look forward to.
It helps me cope.

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A great believer in what suits, you and those you live with.

Hi Margs,
My husband has parkinsons since 2013 and he still drinks 2 glasses wine a day with his dinner and no problem.
But we know someone who has parkinsons and can not drink any alcohol.
Hope this helps…

I find that a few drinks in the evening will make my tremor disappear but the motor symptoms get worse. It also means I sleep a lot better.

Hey I usually have a pint or two and I’m fine. however I went on my first big night out since taking sinemet I drank 21 units I’m normally okay with that slight headache the next day but that’s is perks of being 19. However it’s been 2 days now and I’m still having hot and cold flushes a really severe headache and am much more emotional.

a year last May I fell down stairs crack my head and had a bleed on the brain, and was banned from alcohol for six months, after only a week of being able to drink I had a bad balance problem this was diagnosed as an inner ear problem and the medication I was prescribed banned drink for another month. I have now joined the Burton on Trent Parkinson’s group nordic walking once each week, and have one or three tots f hard stuff and frankly have not noticed each evening. dependent on whether the wife is looking, and at 83 Ive decided me and parkinsons are going to get along on my terms whether it likes it or not, be happy and you are half way there.

I’m recently diagnosed and this answer cheered me up! I have cut down from 3 or 4 glasses of wine per night to 1 or two and that seems to work for me - I am on Sinemet Plus and Rasagiline and found I was getting a thick head each morning… so I suppose it is a trade off between enjoyment and discomfort