In for the long haul

coolGood morning

        Ive started so I will finish, those imortal words  are my motto when  captured by the BLACKHEART and his lethal enemy Dee Preshunn, now Mr Preshunn has quite a grip on old  Otan and its making progress very slow ,ohh visitors  will pick up on this asap


Hi OTAnheavy222

Really sorry to hear that you're feeling depressed. Along with the changes that you mention in your profile, it sounds like it would be a good idea to speak to a professional. Have you done this lately? As you know, we have nurses on our helpline who can talk to you about low feelings and your possible options for dealing with this. You can speak to one at 0808 800 0303. 



coolHello Ezinda

                       I am in close  contact with the local community emergency  team and as with my PD group they are great people to have  onside  when I read the sad tales that  many forum members have to deal with I  makes me both angry and lucky, so  I am covered but  thankyou for the info.

  Now back to my post well  just typical  a couple of  days ago  my mind was full of things to  say re   my  future

 now  after two bad falls and a couple of major family risis  one caused by me totally my  mind is numb and  Ireally am stuck I  can  remember what I  was doing 60 yrs ago but have  no recall ot anything or very  little of  anything I was  doing last week or even  this  morning so  I will have to  cut  this short as  beloved needs to go  to BndQ   joy of  out  on  the joys,  NOT   if  I survive the trip   I  will attempt to  complete  this  story,look  out  on the  news for  geordie housewife ccauses  mayhem  on  the  A1  that  will  be  us  then.

                                                      B F N           OTan