In hospital due to infection... now contracted COVID

My Dad went into hospital 4 weeks ago with severe constipation and a bladder infection (He was diagnosed with PD around 8 years ago). Since being in hospital he has declined rapidly. Today Dad was really poorly with a cough that he’s had for 2 days. After pressurising them to do tests they finally did, and it turns out he’s got COVID, thryve had an outbreak on the ward.

I wonder if anyone here has any experience of PD and covid in an acute hospital setting? Dad is very weak, has a terrible hacking cough and is confused and not making much sense. I’m heartbroken to see him so poorly and i don’t trust that the doctors understand PD. Any positivity you can give would be greatly appreciated. It’s been four weeks of hell, seeing Dad go through the mill and feeling helpless, and having to fight to get any information from the doctors.

I’m sorry to hear about your Dad Jojo. It sounds like COVID is the icing on the cake. Infections make people prone to confusion, particularly when they are older and have other illnesses. It generally improves as the person recovers. COVID is not the problem it was initially but can still makes frail patients poorly. He will hopefully get over the worse of it over the next few days alhtough the cough may linger for awhile. Once he’s a bit better the physios and OTs will be able to start trying to get him more mobile and look at how to get him out of hospital. If you’re struggling to talk to the doctors on the ward phone up his consultants secretary and ask for a time to talk to the consultant.
I hope he feels better soon,

Hi Jojo.hudson.jr

I’m so sorry to hear what your dad is going through, and I understand it must be hell for you.
And yes, because of the air conditioning in all hospitals, including in the High care and intensive care sections, there is always the chance that flu/covid etc can spread.
As you are getting no answers from the doctors, which in itself is disgusting, could mean:
1)They simply are too busy, which is no excuse for not sitting down with you for 5 minutes to explain the situation
2) They actually do not give a damn
3) They haven’t a clue and don’t want to tell you that.
I’m sure there are other acceptable/unacceptable reasons.
Have you tried talking to the hospital supervisor, to explain the situation?
Perhaps they could help in the matter?