In hospital

I am in hospital as my body just gave out on Wednesday and I had to call an ambulance. I am barely able to walk. I am just shuffling round, mostly lying down. I cant even shower myself. The stiffness is unbelievable. I feel like I am having internal tremours at night. My blood pressure is low and my heart rate is high at times. I am hoping to get some answers in the next few days, but I am scared stiff. Literally. Had morphine this morning as the discomfort was so bad. Sorry. Just having a moan really. I miss my little boy, husband and my old life. What if it is something worse than pd? MRI came back unremarkable. Any thoughts, comments, sympathy would be greatly appreciated. X

Dear Minxish

I am so sorry you are in so much distress and pain and hope you are being well looked after. I understand why you feel so scared, I would too but do try and be strong for yourself and your family. It s always good to write down how you re feeling and the forum is here for that.

i am sure the medics will have answers for you soon and PD is made many times worse when you get stressed. It can be like flicking a switch.

thinking of you and let us know how you get on.


with sincere best wishes and hugs



Hello Minxish

                  Its always sad to hear when a friend is in trouble , the upheaval it causes when you have to go to hospital is very traumatic, I try to look on the Doctors and Nurses as friends, I know they are rushed off their feet most of the time but if you get the chance try to get the attention of the doctor treating you and explain fully your fears, you say the scan was inconclusive well that doesnt mean something bad is waiting to pounce, the excellent staff now taking care of you will get to the bottom of the problem Minxish and you will soon be on the mend, I will be thinking of you as you endure your stay in Hospital I know you will soon be well enough to go home so aim for that target and let me know of any developments we here on the Forum are all wishing you the very best and I hope the next post from you is good news.

                                       Kindest Regards  Fed


Hello again, minxish --

I'd like to add my good wishes to fed's.  Hospitals are unnerving to me at any time and particularly when I am awaiting a diagnosis.  I understand the distress and fear you are experiencing.  All you can do is try to remain calm and to accept the care you are receiving.  I wish you the best possible outcome and will be thinking of you way across the Atlantic from me.

Sincerely hoping for your recovery.



   Hello Minxish

                  The time is 1.28am, and I am sitting here wondering how you are, if you are still in Hospital you will be understandably  fed up as they are not at the top of my list of  favourite destinations, on the other hand if you are home I am hoping you are feeling much better, remember we are all wishing you a positive outcome regarding the difficulties you are going through, you are never alone.

                               All the very best Minxish                    Fed