In pieces

How do you deal with a broken heart and parkinsons at the same time - I can't eat . sleep , or function .

IF you want you can always tell us more Speedy...a problem shared is a problem halved. You'll find nothing but respect for your problems here on the site.

If you decide you don't want to share, take note that we've all had down times, and come out the other end

Best of luck

Hi speedy,

If you don't want to share your problems here, is there a friend or family member that you can talk to or get support from?

You really need to look after yourself because your personal problems are already causing you not to eat or sleep and that along with stress is no good for anyone especially someone with pd.

I hope things improve for you soon, take care!


Know how u feel, totally feel for u, but it honestly gets better, I thought I might die from it, horrible horrible horrible. Much love xxxx

oh so tough. Need to look after yourself - get as much support as you can. Do tell people, reach out if you can! Do something kind for yourself every day like buy a magazine, or food treat! Or if you can - get a pedicure or other treat like that.

Arrange some meet ups with friends or invite them round. Have things to look forward if you can such as arrangements for weekends.

Find a friendly chat room and go on there.

Come on here and chat too (())

Hi Speedy

There are lots of us here who can give you advice on the Parkinson’s problem, but the broken heart? We’ll do our best but we need more information.

As Churchill said: “Never, never, never … ad infinitum …. Give up!”

We’re here for you Speedy, so please reply.

Hello speedy

you will never really get over a broken heart, bless you. But given time you can get through this sad time.
I would love to open my own heart up to you and say I really do know how you are feeling. :cry: letting you know that you not alone. I hope you have good friends around who will help and support you through this. Living with PD is hard enough.
People here do care Speedy

Please keep posting and keep in touch PB x

A broken heart gets better. Sadly, Parkinson's doesn't. At least not yet!

You muster every ounce of strength you have in you and you say to yourself "I WILL NOT LET THIS RUIN MY LIFE. I WILL NOT let this ruin my life". over and over agian and it will make a difference.
Tell yourself that message. it will change.
It will.
Keep with it.

Hi Speedy, Whatever the reason is for your broken heart, its a really painful experiance your going through,weve all been there, but the stress of it will be making your PD worse, do what ever works for you to get over the pain you are feeling, time normally puts it right, try not to get stressed,

Hello Speedy. The love of my life died four years ago, before I had a chance to give up work to spend more time with him, having been dx in 2001. My world just caved in and my PD got worse, so I had to give up work. Then out of the blue I started to write poetry; mostly very morose, dark stuff but it seemed to deal with something inside of me and was actually quite good. I also wrote prose; letters to my love; that sort of thing. I couldn't believe my sister when she told me 'the rawness goes' but it does. Would you rather never have met whoever broke your heart? I have learned to look after myself more and the PD has actually improved over the past year.
Chrissie w

A mantra sometimes helps:

a good oldie

" every day, in every way, I am geting better and better". x10 on waking.

" to know me is to love me".

"there is a crack in everything, it's how the light gets in."

Keep talking.