In praise of Parkinsons nurses

A few weeks ago my symptoms had deteriorated to such an extent that I was sure I was on the slippery slope to oblivion. I was getting depressed and beginning to despair of ever being able to live anything like a reasonable life again. How wrong I was. My PD nurse (bless her) adjusted the dosage and timing of my meds and in less than a week I was starting to feel so much better. Getting the medication right is quite a balancing act so experienced PD nurses are invaluable. We must ensure that every Parkinsons sufferer has access to one.
I agree completely.

I have also just seen my Parkinson's nurse for the first time...and she set up an appointment with a physiotherapist.  I was diagnosed in 2008 and have had to wait quite a time before seeing the nurse...but the sessions with the physio....have made a great difference to aches and pains of stiffness...and even balance problems can be worked I feel more 'looked after'..and move and walk better!


We've just got one at York again so hoping to meet her soon. It is nice to know someone is at the end of a telephone and able to help with out waiting months to see someone