Inclusive Design

Hi, I am a student at Northumbria University.
I am currently undertaking a project called 'Inclusive Design'. Where my aim is to develop a product that may aid certain users but can be used mainstream also. Products that aid certain disabilities often come with a stigma attached to them, I want to remove the labels and 'other-ness' attached to some products. There should be subtle quirks and tweaks in products to aid certain people whilst being in a mainstream market. - this website is a prime example of what I mean.

Personally I am studying into how certain restrictions/problems people have causes that their diet to suffer and meal time becomes a chore. My grandfather was a Parkinson's sufferer and I know this was true for him. I have been looking into the idea of a stylish tray to encourage mealtime as an activity more than a chore. I was thinking of embedding certain elements such as

embedded heat source to keep food/drink warm
magnetically stuck bowl/plate/cup
altered cutlery
extra grip
digitally embedded recipes, specific to each users needs. (e.g., easy, quick, simple, adheres to medication restrictions, flavoursome)

Any value in this idea?

Hopefully this wasn't too longwinded or complicated :smile: any comments or suggestions would be immensely appreciated


There certainly is Jane , at least that's only my opinion .

I am always devizing ways amd means . My husband uses a smaller size fork and spoon and I wind elastic bands around the handles . In his case he finds disabality cutlery to cumbersome .

I place the plate on top of non slip material cant thik what its called at the moment and I perch it on top of "don't laugh" the remote control .. !IT WORKS FOR HIM lolbut he cannot change stations until he has finished ........... I am working on other things so if you want some tips please get in touch

Great ideas Jane......

Knives and forks are awkward for me.....especially when eating peas! :flushed:

What about gadgets to pull socks on or do up small buttons?

Mind you....I know some PwP's who can peel an Orange in their pockets!

Good luck with your assignment.

Poker :laughing:

Thanks so much for your feedback! I will keep you guys updated with what I come up with :smile:

Hi Jane Polly,

Sometimes an everyday object which people already find particularly useful could with a bit of a tweak be easily improved. E.G. my friend who has very severe arthritis - most joints replaced and twisted hands finds a long handled shoe horn just the thing for dragging things towards her snd generally manipulating things which are out of her reach - either the handle end or the hooked end. So if you are able to speak to a support group for PWP's you might get ideas there both as to problems and answers. Whatever happened to the combined fork/knife and spoon piece of cutlery you used to be able to buy for use with buffet style meals

All the best with your project

I have been seaching for one of those is it called a knork or something like that

Hello there Polly Jane , Maybe you could start with designing a perching toilet seat ..

Hi Johnny,

I googled and found an item called a spork which you can buy singly or in various multiples. The one I used to have for my children was called a splayd.

I'm not sure what you mean by a perching toilet seat but when I looked after my mum, the various seats supplied by the Occupational Therapists were not half so steady and easy to use as the commode framework, minus the bowl, placed over the toilet.

thanks Eileenpatricia I will look at the splayds/sporks. He uses a toilet frame already am in the middle of arranginging to have some alterations to our downstairs toilet