Inconsiderate parking

Does anyone else have problems with people parking diagonally next to them?

I visited a friend in hospital yesterday and when I returned to my car I was completely blocked in by the idiot next to me who had chosen to park diagonally in the space.  I am unable to climb over the central controls of my automatic car so had no choice but to wait for the driver to return.

When I confronted him, he offered no apology, just said that the parking space was too small for his car and that if he parked along the lines he could not get in or out.  I politely pointed out that this meant that I couldnt even open my driver door.  He suggested I could climb across the seat.

Being young onset and showing few outward signs of PD, I can understand that he did not realise my difficulty, but surely some form of common sense should prevail. 

Meanwhile, his wife stood by his side, clearly most embarrassed by his bullish attitude.  He then proceeded to tell me that the car park 200m along had spaces and perhaps I should have parked there - despite the fact that I had arrived first.

I then told him about my disability and he couldnt get in the car and away quickly enough.

Regardless of whether someone is disabled or not, what gives someone the right to knowingly block another driver in without any thought or consideration for their right to be able to enter their vehicle without twisting their body into positions that would earn a gold medal in gymnastics.

By the time I reached the exit barrier, my ticket had expired and I was told by the voice in the box that I had to pay more.  My retort could probably be heard several miles away, but suffice to say in this case, common sense was exercised and I was allowed to exit with my purse intact.  I think the car park attendant may have considered that the repairs to the box and the barrier would outweigh any additional charge he may levy on me


yes a familiar story, I was visiting  the  freeman  hospital Newcastle and was lucky  enough to park in a free  disabled bay i had just switched off when this heibous creature  started banging on 


sorry shuting don fed

We regularly get cars blocking the entrance to our drive despite an H bar painted across it, either partly blocking which takes quite a manouvre to get in or out, or completely blocking as happened recently.No way could I get in. I phoned 101 and was told that as our car was already  on the road that they would do nothing despite me telling them that leaving the car on the road invalidated my insurance.They suggested that I e mail or write to the local authority highways department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF the car had been parked either side of our drive in a residents parking bay then t hey would have intervened.

I feel your pain.

 Over the road from me a lady with dementia lives in a bungalow, she has 3 carers arrive everyday at the same time in 3 different cars that park opposite our drive Blocking us In, Down the road is our local doctors practice surgery it serves 12000 people with 2 doctors and a nurse, if the 3 cars arnt outside then the many of the 12000 patients visiting the surgery are, the practice has 12 spaces, one for each thousand patients, there are often 15 or more cars lined along the street.

​When i was working i had to often chase people around to get them to move there car simply so i could get too work, and when i became aware i was ill to chase people around to get too hospital appointments.

​Now im classed as disabled, i went through the stress of Pip and getting a blue badge I could get a marked disabled bay across my drive or marked dropped kerb which there is anyway, I have contacted, phoned, wrote, and offered solutions for parking, which there is 200 yrd from the surgery.

​But it seems the able always want too park closest to where ever there destination is and too hell with anyone else.

​I could of course just buy a old banger, tax it, insur it, and reverse into any car parked in the way and say 'as your car is parked as it is your insurance is invalid'. good day. :)