Inconsistency in daily condition

Hi everyone

I’m new to the forum so apologies if this has been covered, I’ve gone a way back in the topics and couldn’t see anything.

I help my parents look after my Grandad who now has advanced Parkinson’s. He was diagnosed roughly 18 years ago.

I was wondering about people’s experiences with daily inconsistencies in their or their relatives condition.

My grandad has of course been through step changes downwards in mobility etc but over the last couple of months his condition is changing day to day.

Some days he can manage to walk around the flat with his walker and get himself to the bathroom, is totally coherent and you can have a chat with him. Other days he is barely awake and when he is is completely incoherent, doesn’t know what’s happening, can’t walk is acting out things like drinking a cup of tea only he doesn’t have one, picking things up off the floor that aren’t there etc.

He’s been checked for infections, his meds have been altered to try and promote more consistency but there’s just no telling what type of day he’s having. His consultant is struggling with understanding what’s causing the inconsistency but as I said it’s daily now and there seems to be no pattern to why.

We’re at the stage where a nursing home is really the only option as my parents are having to go round at 1am in the morning most nights to help him back into bed after he’s got himself out and it’s no longer sustainable. However, on his good days you’d look at him and think they were mad for wanting to put him into care as he’s perfectly capable of looking after himself.

As I said just looking for any input from anyone who’s experienced similar and whether there’s anything we’ve overlooked that could help stabilise him.



I suggest you look at when he eats, and what he eats. I too was diagnosed 18 years ago, I am 60 now. Food has a huge impact on my condition. If I eat a big evening meal that includes lots of protein, I sleep badly and can pretty well write-off the following day. I take my medication as far away from my meals as possible and experiment with my diet. You could google “ketogenic diet parkinson’s”, there is also a YouTube video that I have just found that may be of interest. See

If he has periods of lucidity and “On” time, I would suggest there is hope.