Does anybody get incontinence pants for men on prescription? I buy hubby Tena for Men pants but they are expensive. We have been to see District Nurse today and she said that no way would he get pants on NHS only pads. Just trying to gather some ammunition to go back with! Hubby diagnosed 20 years ago and struggles with pads which we tried before using the pants.

I managed to get pants for my Mum some years ago (apparently this was an impressive feat!) but the local incontinence service has tightened up and only offer pads now. I think it depends on where you live (totally wrong of course but a sign of the times) but I suspect not many areas offer the pants now. When Mum died I donated her unused packs of pants to a local charity for the elderly who run a lunch club Mum used to enjoy as well as various services and a small shop selling cut price equipment, such as frames, trolleys etc. It might be worth Googling or asking around to see if there is a similar organisation in your area.

Many thanks Suzanna1969, I won’t be giving up without a fight. The boxing gloves are on😁

This doesn’t help with your battle but it may help finances, I use Weldricks online pharmacy always good on price

Many thanks. Will check them out.