Apart from a catheter are there any other medication available to treat urinary incontinence?


hi hope your well.
i used to work with adults with learning disabilities and at a respite centre with young adults with physical disabilities and some had to be catheterised.

depends who it is for.

  1. for a woman, no, sorry, that or wearing pads is basically your options.
  2. for a man the same but there is a thing called a convene, this is like a short condom that goes over the head of the penis and sticks around the base of the head, the pipe is on the end so it is non invasive and the pipe leads to a bag the same as a catheter.
    all you need do is “GENTLY” peel it off every morning and wash the area and leave off during the day and wear pads, putting it back on when its bed time. or you can leave it off for 20 minutes after removing it and cleaning it to let the area breathe and then replace for during the day.
    if you are going to use it during the day and night you will need a new one put on every night before bed and every morning.

hope this has answered your question?
and helped if any.

Hello Penrhyn6
I wonder if this link might help you with anything you need to know over and above your direct question which has been answered by amanite1972
You may want to consider involving your local continence service - either informally or via a referral (in some areas you can self refer)
Finally this is an issue I have but what the continence service offered which was pads, didn’t fit in with what I was dealing with at the time. So I decided to sort my own problem out and for the last few years have used disposable pull up pants. It took a while to find a brand that suited me and obviously there are cost implications and they do take a bit of getting used to but to me all that is worth it. I can go out and about without worrying about where toilet facilities are - which is particularly useful when going somewhere you don’t know. I stress this is my decision and my choice and it works for me. I wish there was a more environmentally friendly option but I have to be realistic and this option suits me best as it most easily allows me to get on with my life.
Hope this helps