Increasing levadopa

Hi i just need a bit of hand holding.

I used to take 3 levadopa a day but I tapered off with hospital support to see if it improved my head posture. But it didn’t so I reinstated to 2 per day but I’m scared to go back up to 3 per day.

When I took 3 per day I originally took them morning, late afternoon & night. But the specialist neurologist I now see wants me to take them at 8am, 12 noon and 5pm.

Do many of you take levadopa at similar times? I’m scared to take the plunge and have been taking only 1 at 8am and 1 at 430pm (I told the specialist). But lately I’ve been more rigid so I think I could do with 3 which is my prescription. I’m just a bit scared to take them at 4 hour intervals.

Thank you for any comments. I’m in Canada by the way although originally from the UK.

Hello @Snowy and thanks for asking for support in our forum. I notice that you haven’t heard from others yet about this and I hope our members will chime in soon to tell you what their experiences have been.

It’s very normal to be anxious about medication changes, whether an increase or decrease or something new. You say you’ve already taken this dosage before but are reluctant to return to this with different timing. Have you contacted your specialist or GP about this fear to see if they’re able to reassure you? Have you also phoned Parkinson’s Canada to see if they can offer some support with this? You can reach them on 1 (800) 565-3000 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

We have another discussion group if you use Facebook. You can find it at Parkinson's UK - Community Group | Facebook. The group is friendly and responsive.

I do hope this helps and you can get the reassurance that you need. Take care :blue_heart:Janice

Thank you for your reply and the advice.

I’m trying the increase today!

I think the 4hr interval is quite typical. I was told 7.30 (breakfast), noon and 5pm when first diagnosed but to adjust it as required in not taking the sinemet at the same time as food. Best Wishes.


I take CoCareldopa three times a day at 9am, 1pm and 5pm. I’m okay with this, medication seems to work okay for me, PD symptoms virtually disappeared. Cheers

Thanks for your replies!
Today is my 6th day of the increase and I seem to have settled on just before 8am; 12.30pm and about 5.15pm. I might tweak the times a bit!

Listen to the medical experts they have been doing this job for a while now I was told not to reduce any medication as this can have some serious side affects
I was diagnosed 12 months ago and was put on 2 Co- benaldopa 3 times a day and on my last visit they have up the dose to 4 times a day
Like the consultant said PD affects everybody in different was and the medication also so take the advice given
Good luck and stay positive

Hi Paul thanks… I only came off under supervision from the nurse to see if it improved my head posture. But I got stuck getting back up to three doses. The consultant knew about this. I’m back to three doses daily now.

I take mine 7 x a day, little and often is my motto! Don’t be scared you can’t do any harm and it does sound like you’re under-medicated.

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