Increasing meds

My Dad is taking azilect and 4mg ralnea XL. He says he feels like he is on the right track but doesn't feel any better. Can't get hold of PD nurse and GP no better. Does this ring any bells with anyone? I have been told that Ralnea won't have an effect till he's up to at least 8mg....
Hi, Kim.

I haven't heard anything yet about RALNEA XL - I believe it's the new controlled release version of Ropinirole? So I can't offer you an opinion yet I'm afraid. However I'd be glad to hear feedback from you, as your Dad progresses with it.

Like Ropinirole, Ralnea is a dopamine agonist. Have you been made aware of the risk of OCDs (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorders) associated with DAs (which are otherwise excellent at controlling PD symptoms), and have you undergone pre-prescription screening to assist your consultant in assessing any historical family propensity towards such side effects (e.g. gambling, hypersexuality)?

The norm is nowadays believed to be that 1 in 4 patients prescribed DAs will experience OCDs to some degree. This frequency can rise further for young-onset patients or those on high doses.

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Ralnea is a generic version of requip, both contain ropinerole. Ralnea has a different release technology and is cheaper (hence its popularity with the NHS). It is introduced slowly and it usually takes several weeks to reach the optimal dose which varies.