Increasing my co-careldopa frequency

I’ve always taken my doses at 7am, 12 noon and 5pm.
My consultant has suggested I now my meds four times a day.
Any suggestions on how to space them out?

Hi @Redkite53,

Our forum members will be along shortly to share their experiences and advice related to co-careldopa dosage frequency. There’s nothing this bunch hasn’t gone through - and they’re very insightful!

I would recommend you also consult your consultant, as they can also advice on a schedule that would work for you, as well as the advisers from our helpline (which you can reach on 0808 800 0303), and your GP or Parkinson’s nurse if you have one. They will know you and your needs the best and it’s important that you feel fully informed before making a decision. Medication timing is important!

Best wishes,
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My Dad takes his as follows: 7:30am or when he wakes up, then 11am, 2:45pm and 6pm. All approximate, but the aim was to try and work around food times (lunch and tea) that would have more protein in.

Every 4hrs 7, 11 ,3, 7pm see how this goes