Indian Elephant Reserve

I feel so angry about this I need to share it with you all. Due to the need to , supply the
growing market for ivory trinkets and useless aphrodisiacs these murdering scum
are having an effect on all our super intelligent neighbours on space ship Earth
yes I look upon all creatures as fellow travelers as we wander year after year around our nearest star while at the same time travelling at colossal speed in the company of Billions of other stars and planets as we wiz around the Milky Way
our very own Galaxy,now there will be life on these fellow wanderers but we will never I HOPE ever meet them as the first thing we would do is shoot them, all in the name of science "of course",I am off track again ,I am always doing that as I was saying we, HUMANS are wiping out creatures who are our equal or even of superior intelligence than us , but there is a sinister result of these murderers
activities,these:imp::imp::imp:scum are taking out the Mature members of the most important and intelligent groups for instance Elephants, by
wiping out the mature Bulls and Matriarcs of these family groups they are creating a society of these most beautiful Animals with no one to discipline the
juveniles , these young teenagers become unruly and ,,just as in our society begin to cause trouble, some have become murderers Rapists, in some horrific cases
have even raped and killed Rhineocerous ,theyre society is disintergrating just
like ours, the same behavior is found in captive Dolphins and Killer whales,
deprived of their freedom to provide entertainment they turn on their handlers,
and kill them ,and why not we have no right to imprison these fantastic animals
it has been found that the same disruption is caused to Dolphin families by human
interference we are decimating the flora and fauna on GAIA or our mother earth
and soon , very much sooner than we think, we will pay a terrible price.

Sorry to be the Prophet of doom , but best wishes and Kind Regards to all