I know what you will be thinking, old fedexlike is loosing the last of his marbles but hear me out before passing judgement, My beloved bought me this LENOVO toplap for my 61st birthday pressie and it has been in use almost round the clock 24/7, without a doubt the best gift I have ever been given, even surpassing the Revel 1/72 scale A400 GRIZZLY,a really excellent model kit for those of you who like myself get much satisfaction from the hobby. I am getting off track here, I was going to tell you all about my toplip it behaved faultlessly until about 6 weeks ago then it started, or perhaps stopped is a better subscription ,behaving in a most peculiar way, regular shutdowns, followed by high velocity almost supersonic info delivery, this Electronic Brain was mimicking my own I had a very serious shutdown while visiting my daughter and family this afternoon , those of you who are on the receiving end of these 98% OFFS as they call them at my PD clinic will know how upsetting they can be , and I was upset mainly because my son in law who is a miracle worker with PCs was about to apply his form of deep brain stimulation on my taplop and I wanted to observe, this was out of the question, however all was not lost I had in my pill box some soluble Madopar these enter my system rapidly and within 15 mins the 7 brain cells in old feds grey matter were at 85% and rising, so despite pleading from beloved my daughter my grandaugter and even my 7yr old grandson to stay in the big old armchair a while longer I needed to know the prognosis on my Lenovo.
Well it was infected, by a virus, not Bird Flu, or swine fever virus but a Trojan horse, how these ,,,/.? PERSONS, make them small enough to mix with the electron flow travelling almost at light speed and the decide to allow them to bung up my patolp well its amazing isn't it, anyway Peter removed the Horse and my laptop now is flying It almost gives me answers before I ask it a question, I was admonished for not doing regular maintenance which of course I will do.
The moral of this tale is, ALWAYS have ( for me at least ) some soluble Dopa handy you never know when one of those Roman Tortoise things is on the prowl.
Kindest Regards to All fedexlike
Dear Fed
you have a lovely style, unique. Slightly weird, as all the best styles are. Sort of Spike Milligan on airfix glue. Brilliant. I enjoy your posts.
Well said Turnip! Me too.
Thankyou worrals and turnip for those kind words they are much appreciated,
in a similar vein ,after the repairs to laptop the software gadget suggested I should defragment,,,If only,, so I set in motion the defrag , this was at 11.30 AM and it was still cruising through my Lenovos innards at 8 PM so it must have been well and truly fragged, I sat staring at the window with the slowly emerging green line ( about one billionth of a MPH ) willing it to go faster ,to no avail however it was worth the wait and I now have a laptop that is superfast.
Must go teas ready. Regards fed
Hi Fedexlike,

You really are a talented writer - one of the few people who should actually write a blog. A humerous slant on life with Mr.P. like this wouldn't come amiss in the Parkinson magazine. Humerous doesn't quite cover your post which says a lot in comparatively few words.
Eileenpatricia I thank you muchly for your encouraging words, and if I may I would like opinions on my latest obs whilst defrag was hurtling through little Lenovo. Am I becoming a Geek? In the last few years as my brain cells have departed I find I am relying more and more on my liptop and its cells. Only my little Lenovo cells are blocks of data. I discovered by chance that I could actually watch these tiny blocks of info rearranging themselves during the defragmentation process. I shall describe - please don't fall off your chairs. At the top of the page a mainly dark blue line of blocks 3 deep and with big lumps missing, halfway down the page a very fragged line 2 deep of light blue dark blue, red, pink and purple blocks, all of the above blocks lie in a sea of white blocks. I know my youngest Daughter calls me boring old person, but as I watch the defrag the good guys, 6 little yellow blocks, are watching from the top of the page where fortress blue lies and making courageous sorties among the fragmented middle page blocks. Once there was a great battle taking place but the ferocious yellow captured as many light blue, pink, purple and reds as they can and quickly run back to the blue Fort where their multi-coloured cargo is transformed into the dark blue defragged variety and returned to the maginot line of pristine blocks of data on which my toplap depends to function normally. As I watched I noticed a similarity, the laptop when badly fragmented, didn't work well at all, but when all the little data blocks were returned, instead of being lost to the 4 winds, little Lenovo flies.

Now cut to the human brain lacking in Dopa. The brain cells are frantically in need of Dopamine and the more they are starved of this vital commodity they begin to fall and wander off looking for a fix. They are lost and the human on which they depend has missed his drug time. One by one they fail and the stupid forgetful human is paying a terrible price. Not only did he forget to load up with Dopa, but he has not been drinking enough fluids, a deadly combination for all brain functions. Just when all seemed lost, along comes Guardian Angel, the human's Wife "have you forgot to take yr Madopar?" Oh ............! Soon reinforcements are on the way. First the soluble quickly reaches the battle field and begins to replenish our fallen comrades. Then the big hitters, the Madopar 125 mgs two, also join the Rescue Party and soon repairs are complete and fortress brain is up to 99% and cruising. The moral is don't forget yr drugs or you will fragment and drink plenty. A dried brain is a fried brain.

Anyone who has lasted this long reading this to its conclusion, I congratulate.

Kindest regards to all.
fedexlike (fed)