Infinity cubes

Has anyone used an infinity cube( fidget toy) to help mobilise their fingers. My daughter bought me one for my birthday and I have found it very beneficial in exercising the fingers on my right(tremor) hand.only costs about £4 so well worth a trial.


Hi Hemyock

I’ve been wondering whether something like this might be useful. I have a right arm tremor but the tremor stops if I actively do something with my arm or hand although the effect only lasts for a few seconds. For example I can pick up a drink but not carry it into another room or I can pick up a screwdriver and apply it to a screw but then it becomes very difficult to turn the screw. So I thought I could perhaps control my tremor to some extent by keeping my right hand active. I have experimented with a plastic child’s wraparound watch strap which I hold in my right hand and squeeze and rub and generally fiddle with which does seem to control my tremor slightly but the fidget spinner does seem a good idea and as you say very cheap so I might give it a go.

Has anyone else found this sort of thing useful.



I ordered an infinity cube from Amazon and it arrived a couple of days ago. It’s difficult to know whether it’s actually giving any benefit but at least when I’m playing with it my fingers are doing something rather than pointlessly shaking.

Thanks for the tip


I’ve got a few different fidget toys, but I keep coming back to my favourite smooth granite pebble which I found on a beach somewhere. It’s just the right size to squeeze, and has a lovely waxy texture, and some straight sides.

I use it every evening while watching TV. I roll it in my palms, or just squeeze my fingers it (gently).

Hi markDD, I hope your infinity cube works for you, I use mine when my right hand doesn’t want to behave properly. It helps and I have to concentrate really hard but it makes me feel better in the long term. Anyway all the best. Hemyock