Information for emergencies

Could I please encourage members to keep these containers called "message in a bottle" in the fridge so that if you are unwell the emergency services can see exactly what medication you are on and your personal details. You can also keep one in the car making sure you have a photo of yourself on the outside as if there are several people in the car and you have an accident then they can see straight away who the bottle relates to.
If you don't know what these containers are they are not a bottle as such but a plastic container with a screw top and all the services know to look in fridges for them.
Please do wear your care link pendants or wrist band as I have experienced a couple of people where they have put the said item too far form the bed and been left on the floor all night. Sorry to sound fussy but it happens all too often.
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No need to apologise for being fussy, but its worth mentioning the sticker that goes on the front door to alert the emergency services that there is a message in the fridge :wink:
Sound advice Vivian. Worth mentioning that my mobile phone (a Doro) has a "panic button" so I can set it to alert a relative or neighbour just by pressing a single button on the back of the phone. I can recommend Doro mobiles as they have extra large buttons for if you find a normal phone too fiddly.
Hi Christo, where do you get a Doro mobile?

hi i was told about this message in the bottle last week by my social worker,she said that the responce teams will be able to see the green cross ,which is put on ur front door,a sticky lablel,so it is easy seen ,and they no u have this bottle in the fride.i think it is a brilliant idea.:smile:
Thanks everyone,
I need a new phone so I will have a look at those, its true what they say when you get older the finger don't work so well so that would be a lot easier.
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What a good idea . I haven't heared of it before.

Having said that , there is so much going on in my life supporting my husband I often think I could do with a secretary to deal with sorting some things like that along with writing my birthday and xmas cards . lol
I have a Doro mobile phone too with the panic button on the back, I bought it in Currys about a year ago, it is just a basic phone - does texts and thats about it.
but it suits me fine.

Val x
I believe the tried and tested ways of our fore-fathers cant be equalled.

With that in mind I went to an auction and picked up a flare and a harpoon gun.
Hi everyone on this bright and sunny morning,

I have just written on here and when trying to post it just disappeared which I find frustrating so heaven help you with pd it must drive you crazy unless I did something wrong anyway here we go again,
I like your sense of humour Eck gave me a chuckle anyway.
Jonnie we used a stamp with a gold pad with our names and greetings on which was a lot easier all of our friends understood and I was never one for writing round robin letters it's not my thing and I didn't really want to know about everyone else's trips around the world, good for them but drinks on yatchs do I really want to know that!
I also did all my addresses on the computer labels so that really helped.
I don't know if I mentioned about the cards our son made up for my husband it contained his name date of birth address doctor DNR form information and other contacts details of myself our son and friends, on the other side we had all his medication frequency and dosage so that if he was unwell when out with carer's they would have all his details at hand,
The friend that was found on the floor the other night didn't have this and we found it difficult to get these things for the ambulance men as my friend had a urine infection and was confused, he is now much better in hospital but it has shown him that he needs to drink more, by the way he did have a bag packed ready for such on occasion but couldn't tell us where it was.I didn't have his care link button on or the message in the bottle in the fridge even though he has all of this.
enough from me
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