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Hi Recently told by neurologist that it is likely I have PD and started on low dose of sinemet. Presume I need to inform DVLA but not sure of process. Can I continue driving while I wait for their response? How long does that take? (neurologist said they had no reason to tell me to stop and I feel I’m safe behind the wheel) Would completely lose my independence and have issues with work if I couldn’t drive) Help

Hi and welcome to our friendly forum @Sallyd. While it is a legal requirement to inform the DVLA, you may be able to drive depending on their assessment. I’m sure that our members here will be able to tell you the process they followed, but meanwhile you might find this article very helpful.

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Hi Sallyd Follow this link to tell the DVLA about your Parkinson’s. You’ll probably be able to continue driving and yes you can drive whilst waiting for the DVLA to respond to your submission. You may be put on a medical licence, which means you’ll have to renew every 3 years, cheers G

Hi @Sallyd, I was a lorry driver when diagnosed & so my Consultant had to tell DVLA that I couldn’t operate heavy machinery anymore. I was & still am able to drive the family car, it means that I am now on a 3 year restricted licence which hasn’t proved to be any problem when it comes to renewal.


I was diagnosed this year and had to inform the dvla using the firm mentioned. I told them straight away and eventually went onto a 3 year medical licence.

If your neurologist thinks you are safe to drive then you should be fine for the time being. The dvla will contact your neurologist for their advice and make their decision based on that and your answers on the form.

Also best to inform your car insurance of your diagnosis, they shouldn’t charge you anything and mention that your neurologist thinks you are safe to drive.

Just write them a letter quoting your drivers licence and date diagnosed, they will ask you to return your licence, you can still drive under section 88, they will reissue you with a new licence but its renewed every 3 years and they will write to your neurologist. Also you need to inform your insurance co as well.

It is a simple procedure to get dvla to issue a 3 year medical license. However be warned dvla are not the fasted so don’t worry if a month or 4 pass before your new license arrives

Yeah you should be OK but inform your insurance company All the best