Inhaling and swallowing


           Good Morning

                              I am having massive problems swallowing my food and even drinks  often take the wrong route and end up in my lungs, this possibly very dangerous or even lethal tool in parkies box is becoming one of my worst fears, this morning at I began to cough and cough,and choke ,eventually it was apparent that I was coughing up debris ,I wont  elaborate on this as I know its not  a pleasant subject but my lungs are aching and sore,one suggestion was to put everything in the blender, mmm   nice ,I am really looking forward to blended Sunday Dinner or Fish and Chips, Im drooling thinking about it, the only food that I can swallow is ice cream  or custard, oh and porridge, wonderful  ,the sheer cruelty  and wickedness of the Spanish Inquisition is comparable to the Telly Tubbies  and their TUBBY TOAST    when BLACKHEART  comes to visit on meal times, eventually I have to give up ,my appetite destroyed, every mouthfull sticks and I fear  choking to death may not go down well with any friends visiting. Can I ask anyone if you know how to defeat this awfull problem, I have had many visits from  the speech therapy  people but I just get the same story every visit I cannot see any way to allow normal swallowing to return.sad face  Fed

                                        Kindest Regards

sad face

very sorry indeed to hear of your problems fed. 

Hi Fed,

Sorry to hear that you are having those problems. Takes all the joy out of eating.

If you can get it from the library, the book "Saving Milly" by Morton Kondracke has a chapter on how her husband dealt with the problems you are having, and many more. He learnt to watch Milly's food intake and had to use the Heimlich manoeuvre more than once. She used to eat pancakes and maple syrup in the mornings as it was a soft food. Some (or maybe all?) of her tablets were ground up and mixed with something she could swallow.

I will get it out of the library and send you the relevant parts if you can't find it over there.

A friend of mine who had a neck cancer operation had to grind his tablets up too till his throat healed. He has given me the grinder. It is a simple thing and looks like a pill bottle.

Hang in there, Fed!


          Good Morning Sheryll

    Thank you for your kind concern, I welcome any advice or help you kind people can give me as I have had many close shaves last week, also many choking problems,,,,,a little light humour there, the choking and the  shaving being two separate problems,,,I know its too early on a Sunday morning isnt it. .I am going to post a post on daily life Sheryll which you may find interestingeye roll

                                         Best wishes to you, you are always kind and sympathetic.