Inherited Condition

My mother had PD for 35 years and a paternal uncle also had the condition so in many ways I was not surprised when I was diagnosed in 2010. Disappointed for sure, but not surprised and it enabled me to be philosophical about it.

Is there any information on the hereditary nature of PD?

Hi bepo,
when i was diagnosed as having PD i asked my specialist about hereditary possibility as my uncle had it. i was informed that there is a very very rare gene that can carry PD. A blood test can be done to determine this. As i have two children i had the blood tests which came back clear. I believe its just the luck (bad luck) of the draw.

hi bepo i,m the 9th in 3 generations of my family and still not found
definate genetic link now i,m only one still alive guess i might never know for sure

Hi Bepo

A similar story for me - the fourth generation of my family to have PD but still trying to establish the genetic link.

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