Inherited or not

I am female, aged 62, very healthy with a very outdoors lifestyple, living in Italy. I believe that I may have Parkinsons in its very early stages. The shaky hand and my legs ache at nighttime, which appear to be some of the first symptoms. Regarding whether this disease is Inherited or not, it appears to have passed down my family line for several decades but only on the male side - so why me?
Hello Gertrude, sorry I cant help regarding the genetics but your post made me think....'Why me' is something most of us ask ourselves on a regular basis. Who knows.
I think every single PD sufferer has asked "why me?".

In your case it may be nothing to do with heredity, you may just be one of us unlucky ones in the population who get it at random. There is no history of PD anywhere in my family, but here I am with all the classic symptoms. Diagnosed 9 years ago at 50.

When we eventually know "why?" all may become clear, and resolvable.

Hi !
When I was diagnosed three years ago I was tested by the neuro to see if I had any of the genes that are connected to inherited PD. I believe there about 6 to 10 genes that are known to produce inherited PD. In addition if your family tree has marriages to close relatives, this also gives rise to increased risk of PD. I have great, great grand parents that were cousins but was told that was to distant to cause my PD.

If you have a family of history of PD I would suggest you will be of interest to neuro researchers, who would test you to see your genes.

Take Care !