Initial symptoms

Hi there. I have been getting some strange dizzy spells for about a year now as well as a tremor that comes and goes. I have not gone to the doctors about it. I have joined this forum to ask people who have been diagnosed what the very earliest symptoms were and what made them take the first step with their gp. I get a slight off- balance feeling most off the time with occasional complete spinning head feelings. These feel like I am being pulled uncontrollably in a direction, where all my balance its lost and I have to crouch down, or hold on to something to stop from stumbling off in that direction. These extreme spells only last for around 5-10 seconds but leave my general balance worse for a while after. The tremors I suffer come and go for periods of weeks at a time. When I have them, it usually starts in my head, althoug sometimes it starts in my right hand. It starts off feeling almost like a shiver on the inside and I am not sure if it's me that is making the external shake begin. It is worst when I am stressed or cold or tired. I also have a frequent feeling of a need to stretch all my muscles. Especially calf and thighs, stretching my toes up, and stretching my arms. I also have 'shaky leg' which I have had for years where my foot shakes my leg constantly. Where this is not sightly (eg job interviews) I shake my big toe up and down inside my shoe instead. This is on my right leg/foot/ toe although I can change to my left sometimes. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I haven't been to the doctors about this because it seems so slight the moment and I suppose i am a bit scared of the diagnosis. I wonder what other people with pd have experienced in early pre diagnosis. Many thanks.

Hi turtle2110,

Sorry to hear about these symptoms and the worry they have caused you. It would be advisable to seek medical advice from your doctor as only qualified medical staff can give you a diagnosis. In the meantime, please do feel free to call our Helpline on 0808 800 0303, our advisers will be more than happy to offer support and guidance. We are open from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm.

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One of the first things to recognise with Parkinsons is that we are all Unique in our own symptoms that we have. for others it is different, some have no tremor, but have other problems

It is not unusual to feel light headed, but for me only the tremor strikes a cord, stress, tiredness effects tremor and can amplify it, you might not be able to detect it, but, tremor effects the entire body, most noticeable in our hands,legs,feet,face we can have a tremor internally.

But this alone doesn't make it 'parkinsons' it can also be essential tremor or other types of tremor.

I had tremor as a feature for a considerable amount of years, i ignored it for quite sometime as just that and got on with life as just one of those things age bring's on, but then it became troublesome to impossible, i noticed also that i had started too slow down, and had become slow, physically and mentally burnt out and uncoordinated. fatigue was playing a major part when i had been a very active person I was dead tired but unable too sleep with vivid nightmares.

it was at that point i could no longer ignore the obvious that something was wrong and sought answers with an appointment. the process of diagnosis begun.

The best thing you can do is take that step, see a doctor, it might not be what you fear, either way you'll have piece of mind. Only a doctor can diagnose you i'm afraid, it is natural to try & seek answers for your intuition people will support you along the way to its outcome.

Hi Edwina and sea angler, thanks for your messages. I have made an appointment to see my gp on Friday. I guess sometimes it just takes someone to tell you the obvious. Why worry about it without knowing and as you say, only a doctor can make a diagnosis, not someone on a forum! Thanks again for your responses.


Good luck on friday Turtle don't forget although we as a forum can't diagnose you, if your intuition that brought you here does lead towards Parkinson's  a forum can guide you in any questions you have along that process, don't be afraid to ask.