Injections not working for lower back pain

just been told by pain Clinic that not point in further injections as
no long term benefit (more than 3 weeks peace). Cannot take drugs as
interfere with my head too much. So only thing he suggested was a
TENS machine, has anyone used one before. I have to check with my GP
and Parkinsons Consultant to see if ok to use but any feed back
Gloriana hello, I have used a Tens machine for years and I must say I find it very good. I do not have PD though so like you said best you seek advise from GP.

I hope you get some sort of pain relief soon.

All the very best
Radz x
Hi Gloriana,

I have a chronic back condition since I was 29 and had an operation when 36yrs so have tried many types of pain relief,the tens machine was okay but I got more pain in my leg so gave it up years ago. I haven't got PD my husband has but the only pain relief I get is with acupuncture, am not sure how this would be with PD but they do use it in china for PD but best check with the doc first. Some area's provide it free at the pain clinic's but I have to pay here. I would not have lasted looking after my husband for almost 30yrs without my weekly visit to the acupuncturist, now he is a nursing I only go every three weeks. It doesn't work for everyone but it sure helps me keep sane, I also go swimming with a aqua belt for support three times a week which is the only other place I get relief, but I realise you may not be able to do this.
When you have constant pain everything is worth a go.
best wishes
Yes i have used tens machine.Have not written on forum for a while wanted to write and ask today does anybody suffer with chronic back pain,so very interested at your post.disc problems diagnosed in lower back but also the stiff rigid pain for PD has now made my cry every morning.Phoned PD nurse this morning waiting for her to return call,but can't stand this pain any longer.Tens machine does help but mine has just broke i will get another one as like you taking pain killers makes me feel sick and light headed.My question would have been is anybody in this much pain i don't think i am being a baby i cannot bend down or even stand up straight with the pain in my back legs and feet.The injections used to last me about 1 month to.I wonder if taking higher dose of requip is the answer,but don't want to really do that at the moment taking 8mg.
I have been getting a lot of pain in my shoulder and down my arm. I tried Ibuprofen and paracetamol which did nothing to relieve it.

my mother-in-law, before she died, had a TENS machine so I gave it a try. I now use it twice a day, morning and evening, and it has made a definite improvement. I'm not completely free of pain but it is an awful lot better now.

It is completely harmless and uses the body itself to control the pain. I would recommend it.

Hello Hopeful,

I think you should maybe see a neuro specialist as it sounds as though you may have nerve problems if the pain is going down the legs. Sometimes too much is put down to PD when you could have another underlying problem, I took pain tablets for years with only slight relief but that has damaged my stomach even though I gave them up years ago and as I have said when the pain becomes too much I have acupuncture. If it is nerve pain normal pain tablets don't touch it. I have a friend who also had a back operation and her consultant has all the nerves in her back and legs checked every year. I think to up the dose of requip would be a no!no! as they can give you other problems as many on this forum have said.
You really need to find out what is the problem and don't be fobbed off.
best wishes
Thanks Vivian i think you are right.Am seeing pd neuro consultant in April will mention it then.Like you pain killers are not really helping and what other damage do they do to your stomach.Even physio does not help.I have got quite a high pain threshold i think so i am not being a baby. The physio nurse said because of the back problem having PD would irritate it.But i can not stand this pain much longer i could not even bend to sit on the loo yesterday until i could straighten up.
Are any of you taking Amitriptyline . The consultant prescribed it for my husband he was getting sciatica pains . A

Amitriptyline although is an antidepressant given in low dosage is now being also used for NERVE PAIN . It seems to be that a lot of Parkinsonians suffer with Nerve pain mostly cause by poor posture .

In fact my husband for most of his younger life suffered with right side neck shoulder pain , nothing he did helped . Since he has taken Sinemet which has helped his dropped shoulder the pain is no more . He also makes sure he does regular head/ neck stretching exercises .

Amitriptyline also helps with Restless legs .
Sorry I forgot to mention . Maybe you should check if you should use tens machines or foot circulation machines with other illnesses . Our Gp told me not to use it for my husband because he also has Atrial Fibrillation
Hi Johnnie

Yes I have tried Amytriptiline but it sends me Cuckcoo, I cannot function properly with it, it sends me GaGa as does most pain killers, seemingly I am unusual because according to my pain clinic chap pain killers should not affect your head to the extent they do. You name them I think I have been on them because I have been told there are none left to try. My husband is on Amytriptilene for severe arthritic pain in his hips, he is desperate for 2 new hips, told can you hang on as too young, decides he cannot cope with pain and is unable to walk so says he will have them done now, Consultant says no problem, goes for pre med assesment, passes then the silly old twit has a heart attack, could literally kill him. Now has a stent fitted 5 mths after heart attack and cannot have new hips now for another 12mths. Now have to put up with him grunting, groaning and he could win the world championship for GURNING. He has just told me I am not nice because anyone can read this. He takes 75mg a night and says it is park (read backwards). Thinking of increasing to 100mg, Dr says you can go up to 150mg if you feel you need to. He is still thinking about it. Have just got a Tens Machine but have not used it yet.
hi i use a tens machine all the time,ive got arthritus of the spine,6 vertibras have gone,and lower back pain,sciateca.all i can take is mst morphine,and 8 parcetmal a day and i have cream rubbed in to it as well by the carer.i had injections at the beginin surgested by pain clinic ,but never did much for me .i have the tens machine has givern comfort to me ,use it in all areas on me body ,different strenghs:smile: