Inner tremor

After all these years, I am getting an inner tremor.  It is very mild, but have never had it before.  Is this common?  A very mild nerve pill stops it.  But if I can't get the pill and it goes on for awhile, I feel as if I will physically fly into a shattered  person!  My daughter said "Just relax Mom, you're too uptight."  So I relaxed my whole body while sitting in her chair and shook severely all over until had to get hold of me, to calm it down!  I live "without" tremors 99% of the time because i stiffen my body.  But now my body is going into muscle spasms from the years of tightness.  Do any of you have these inner tremors and do they worsen?

I don't get inner tremors but get what I call tingling and it drives me mad when I'm in bed!

I get the inner tremors, in fact my worse symptom. No one can see it so no sympathy coming my way, oh well, suffer in silence...

Thank god someone else gets these, i get them and it makes me feel quite bad I too stiffen up and spend most of my time pulling arms shoulders and moving my leg's, i get restless leg, and tingles in my arms too although these are mostly at night. i have a tremor in my hands which is more visible if i hold my phone, point, using a keyboard or even havin a cuppa sometimes. please tell me i'm not going crazy i haven't told anyone about these symptoms fear of being sectioned!


now forgot what i was going to type i hate this arrrrgh

All of the above!! You are not going mad, frustrated and fed up is more like it. I hate this wretched condition too. Don't despair. Tomorrow is another day xx

Hi I get this as well , it was one of my first symptoms . Do tell your doctor about it as may be able to tweak your medication to stop it .

mine returns when I’m not well controlled . I’ve been unwell with this awful chesty cough that’s going round for past month and meds never work when I’m ill,so I wake with internal tremor . It’s not a nice feeling . Exercise also helps it .. but need to be well !

Thank you for the reassurance you don't know how relived that makes me feel, but actually you probably do know how i feel.... Can i ask in the morning do you feel like "Jelly or maybe Boneless" for want of a better description?? it's horrid as you say.

Glad could reassure you .... it’s difficult to say how it makes me feel in morning’s like someone is using a drill near you but you can’t stop it ! Feel as if others should be able to see it but there’s nothing visible . Can remember saying to drs in beginning please stop this ,to be told that medications will help everything else bar the tremor. But in fact as soon as started on sinemet it stopped.

The chronic chesty cough is a clue you might be Vitamin D3 deficient. Its very common in UK seniors. Mine clared up about 3 weeksafter starting 2000 IU per day. Canadain GPs are on the ball with this:

I dont have 'inner tremor' but would not be surprised if D3 helps that too. Inadequate D3 has very widespread effects on the body. Lots of info here:


I’ve been taking vit D since last winter so I shouldn’t be low on it ....

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Depends how many IUs we take. Tesco 'VitD plus calcium' does nto even give the dose. Ideal blood level is much higher in Canada , USA, Finland than in UK. Latest USA guidelines from Inst of Medicine recommend 2000 to 4000 IU per day of D3. The RDA on UK labels is half that recommended for seniors as we take less up from our gut.

I take 1000 iu a day which is the recommended dose in the nice guidelines although I’ve just had a look and can’t find where it states that .it does say in latest Parkinson’s NICE guidelines on treatment that doctor should be recommending use of vitD but doesn’t give a dose .

Jan, USA, Canada recommend 2000 to 4000 IU per day for healthy adults, no specific guidelines for PD. Nor for the elderly who take D3 up less well form the gut. I have scoured europmc for safety issues with high dose D3 and have found none at up ro 10,000 IU pd. D3 itself is not active and has to be converted by both by the liver and kidney to the active hormone and this process limits the active leve of the hormone/, avoids risk of overdosing.
I found this USA web page that summarises D3:
click on About then Disease and expand the figure.

I get an inner tremor when sitting but usually OK when moving about or standing. also have a bloated feeling and a tight chest. Wonder if this is PD or something else?

Hi taffy sorry you are suffering with tremors , I have had tremors constant now for approx two years , always in the background , worse about an hour before my tablet is due, I find if I involve myself with any form of activity i cope okay and don’t hardly notice it , its always there when I watch TV , o have decided to try to ignore it and accept there’s nothing I can do except to have a chat with GP or nurse and I always feel better , there a good pick me up , God bless you , Ray,